What Makes Quality Assurance Essential for startups?

What Makes Quality Assurance Essential for startups?

Tuesday June 22, 2021,

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If you want a successful startup business, you should understand the quality demands of your people. You must help your people know that you care about their quality needs and expectations. Your people must feel that you are working on quality for their satisfaction. Thus, a satisfied customer is a key to any successful startup business.    


Do Startups Need Quality Assurance? If yes, why?    

Whether it is healthcare, banking, e-commerce, utilities, media, telecommunication, education, insurance, telecommunication, real estate, or financial domain, every startup today needs Quality Assurance for any software development life cycle.    

To help you know about the meaning of Quality Assurance, we're going to break this term into two parts that are "Quality" and "Assurance."    

What is Quality?    

   In layman language, Quality is the degree of excellence of something. It is often measured to check on the purpose of any product and service. In Software Testing, QA is all about satisfying the expectations and requirements of customers with respect to the design, functionality, reliability, price, and durability of the product or an application.  


What is Assurance?   

Assurance is a positive declaration of a service or product to bring confidence in customers about product guarantee. It ensures that the product will work correctly based on the user's expectations and requirements.    

What is Quality Assurance in Software Testing? 

   Quality Assurance in Software Testing is nothing, but are QA Testing Services provided by an organization to startups in which they ensure that software products and services will make as per the quality standards. Moreover, Quality Assurance aims to improve the software development process by   

  • Identifying inconsistencies and gaps in the product at all project stages,    
  • Defining project requirements,    
  • Providing comprehensive information about the level of quality of a product,    
  • Testing the product during all levels of the software development lifecycle (SDLC). 

Top Reasons Why Your Startup Needs Quality Assurance    


QA Acts as a Problem Solver    

In software testing companies, there are testing teams for Quality Assurance. Those teams are technical-minded people who solve problems by testing whatever you face while using any product and service.    

As a Startup, you should be a problem solver if you want to succeed in your business. You should ensure your product and service will solve end-users ' issues and allow them to get 100% satisfaction.    

This is what we are talking about in the context of Quality Assurance to make sure that your product is genuinely able to deliver the best level of service to the people you want to target.    

QA Improves Clients Confidence    

By making QA a clear priority for your startup, you can send a clear message or guarantee your clients about their products' success.    

Your customers are kings and queens of your business. So, whatever the QA service you are offering, it doesn't matter if you don't have the best practices to turn your plans into action.    

Quality Assurance in Software Development is the responsible role that you need to play to guarantee quality to the client end. It also helps in identifying the problems early in the software development process.    

People who choose the role of QA are known as "testers" in the Best Software Testing Company. Therefore, being a startup, you should know the strengths and weaknesses of your products and services.    

Always try to build long-term relationships with your customers, but that will possible if you deliver quality to them.    

QA Helps Achieve Security Benefits   

 Security is the primary concern that everyone today focuses on to keep the customers' sensitive data and information safe from attackers.    

Always test your applications and software from the Software testing and QA Company before releasing them to the market.    

Your products and services need to be protected from possible intruders, and it could only be made possible when you consider security testing for your startup-based software, products, and services.    

In the Software Testing Company, Security QA testing is a type of software testing that you can prefer to uncover vulnerabilities of the system and overcome any other bottlenecks. With Security QA testing, you can assure that all resources and data of your system are free from any risks or threats that further become the reason for hacking.    

QA Supports Consistency    

The objective of Quality Assurance is to focus more on organizational factors of quality management. It also helps retain the consistency of the production process.    

You need to stay consistent, especially if you want to be so successful through your startup business.    

Your Quality Assurance Process should rely on four phases: Plan, Do, Check, and Act.  


Plan: As a Startup, you should plan and develop process-related goals and objectives. Also, you need to determine the processes that help deliver high-quality products.    

Do – Development and Testing should be involved in your processes to ensure that product will be developed effectively and fulfill both functional and non-functional requirements or needs of the product.

  Check – Process monitoring and process modification are crucial factors that help you check whether the product will meet the predetermined objectives or not.    

Act – As a startup, you should get the assistance of Quality Assurance testers to implement actions needed to obtain improvements in the processes.


Must-Know Quality Assurance Approach for Startups    

  • Hire a Reliable Quality Assurance Partner to create a robust testing environment.    
  • Prepare a criterion for software releases.    
  • Apply Automated Testing to resolve risks and have cost-saving benefits.    
  • Focus on time management for each process.    
  • Fix the software defects and produce accuracy for software results.    
  • Build a dedicated team for security and performance testing.    
  • Involve people and stakeholders to evaluate the results based on real-time testing & get immediate feedback for process improvements.   
  • Leverage AI-powered solutions to get more helpful business decisions and gain the maximum business benefits with automated testing.     

Wrapping Up    

Good communication skills, software testing expertise, creativity, programming skills, decision-making capabilities are some of the traits use by engineers to make Quality Assurance matter for startups. Thus, you may know why it is essential to involve Quality Assurance teams in your software development process, especially if you've just entered the market and are in excitement to take your startup to the next level.   

Whether you are planning to build on-demand applications, e-commerce websites, mobile apps, or any other online software for business purposes, it is crucial for you to understand the importance of Quality Assurance because it will go hand-in-hand with all of your software development processes.    

In addition, Quality Assurance is not only one-time practice; it is a habit to check whether the developed product is suitable for use. The situation usually appears when you carry out QA testing from organizations because they have standards and processes to improve your product quality and fulfill your specific and unique business needs.    

The role of Quality Assurance here should be a promise to deliver easy to use and bug-free software before going it to live. Apart from that, it is vital to take care of the Quality of products/services you're going to offer to your customers during or after software execution.   

Therefore, if you want to make your startup successful, you should first serve quality-based software solutions to your customers. As a startup, you should concentrate more on quality than quantity. People will pay good money for your products and services when you offer them Quality.  

So, be a problem-solver and start making Quality Assurance a necessity for your startups. Always check for bugs and fix them with rigorous testing to ensure that the product developed can survive in the market for long and helps you stay ahead of your competition.