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Some skills that can be acquired while carrying out a research project

Research skills that can be acquired while carrying out a research project

Wednesday September 13, 2017,

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Research projects rely on careful investigation of many different sources in the library and elsewhere. These sources include not just books, scientific journals, project materials website, newspapers and business reports. Anything that can provide accurate information efficiently is a tool in the researcher's hands. Thus, research often involves interviews, observation, telephone calls, conversations, analysis of findings and reports. In the course of carrying out the research, the researcher can pick up the following skills.

Skills acquired during a project research

1. Ability to acquire analytical and problem-solving skills based on evaluation and synthesis within a work environment.

2. To provide for active learning where the student identifies and defines the problem to be explored and the work to be complete, thus learning from the experience, rather than passive learning methods.

3. To develop skills for independent research.

4. Acquire skills for effective communication, such as verbal and presentational skills as well as written and organizational skills.

5. Acquire skills for independent research, such as problem identification, and the ability to plan and execute a research project appropriate to the problem under investigation; also, the ability to collect and analyze data, from the conclusion and make practical recommendations.

6. Knowledge of research methodologies, methods, and analytical techniques.

7. Detailed knowledge of a particular topic, including the literature published in that area, its underlying concepts, theories, and assumptions.

8. Personal skills such as resourcefulness, flexibility, creativity, and clarity of thought, also the self-confidence that is gained as a result of managing an independent research project.

9. The ability to critically analyze a situation and to draw conclusions.

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