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Why SEO is important now more than ever?

Why SEO is important now more than ever?

Tuesday May 12, 2020,

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Over time businesses have started exhibiting an inclination towards establishing an online presence for themselves. Especially in crisis times, such as the COVID-19 pandemic we are facing now, businesses are going online to keep their business afloat. Many are moving their operations to online platforms to keep their businesses from drying out during the lockdown period. If you are one among many who are gradually making a transition to the online space, you need to ensure that your online content is SEO optimized. Let’s have a look at what this means and how SEO optimization will impact your business.

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? How is it useful?

SEO is a critical process that ensures that your website/online content is visible and thereby attracts multifold traffic. For the success of any online business, it is critical to make your site visible by finding your way to the first page of the search results. Finding relevant keywords, i.e., knowing and using what your target audience is looking for on search engines, is critical in this process. Ensuring that your content is device compatible and easy to read/comprehend follows the keywords identification and incorporation. The right combination of these three factors will gain you higher visibility, lead generation, and related sales conversion rates that you desire.

Crisis times call for new SEO intervention:

In times of crisis, SEO offers advantages that you will not want to miss. Online scalability and business stability are such benefits that will compel you to apply SEO principles to your web content. 3 reasons why SEO is critical in the times that we are in are –

Online shopping during a lockdown:

Most customers are shopping online during the quarantine. By making your products and services available online you will not have to lose out on business opportunities. As companies are moving their operations to online platforms, SEO can help you gain higher visibility as well as standout in the clutter. Businesses, operating across verticals, can find success if they can rightly optimize their web content to drive marketing performance at such times. 

Remote functionality for employees:

SEO platforms and other related tools will prove to be useful now as it helps you source opportunities while working remotely. While in quarantine, employees who work-from-home can leverage these tools to find prospects and pursue them to close sales. Whether you run a B2B or B2C business, these tools will promote your efficiency by enabling marketers to boost traffic onto their business sites. 

Establish brand recall ability:

It is true that SEO is aiding businesses to sustain in COVID-19 crisis conditions. But what is to happen after the crisis has come to an end. Marketers must think on these lines and leverage the increased visibility to create and etch an elevated brand image in their customers’ minds. This will promote instant brand recall that you can harness when good times come. Most businesses and marketing channels are mostly tooting only about the virus and the economic devastation it has caused. By plugging in futuristic baseline thoughts on which you can build prospective SEO driven marketing campaigns. Doing so will help you surge ahead by cashing out long term benefits that SEO marketing offers. 

Run campaigns anytime:

You do not have to worry about a specific time or day on which you should initiate and run a marketing campaign anymore. Before the onset of coronavirus, marketers planned and timed out numerous campaigns that were to run on various channels. But in the lockdown time, you can save your time and efforts by just running the SEO optimized campaign without the need for such planning. The whole concept of SEO is that your customers will find you when they need to. This idea can profoundly help businesses not just survive by scale-up during the crisis.

Scale up cost-effectively:

Now that most customers are looking for products, services, and opportunities online, a website with SEO optimized content can attract increased traffic. Additionally, streamlining website, which includes getting rid of zombie pages and addressing other technical issues, can also help make your site easily discoverable online. This will boost the inbound marketing capabilities, thereby aiding in converting the relevant prospects to closed sales and that too at no added cost.

Needless to say, SEO has been a boon from businesses during the coronavirus crisis. It has given marketers a new effective platform which they can now employ for wider target audience outreach and long-term strategizing. The ability of the SEO platform to offer superior work-from-home capabilities can help promote working on-the-go remotely. All these reasons call for you to turn your focus on SEO platforms/tools that you can make use of to ensure operational stability.