Best Visitor Management App's for Hassle-Free Digital Reception

Welcome the electronic visitor management software, which allows the visitor to complete the registration process on their own. Without any further ado, let’s explore the Top 10 visitor management Softwares for hassle-free digital reception.

18th Jun 2019
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Top 10 Visitor Management Softwares for Hassle-Free Digital Reception

The front desk can be defined as the face of any business/organization. It is the place where customers initially interact with the reception of the lobby area. So, the receptionist plays a vital role in ensuring a pleasant experience to the visitors. The receptionist is solely responsible for managing the visitors from the moment they step into the facility and leave the premises. But the receptionist is often interrupted by other duties like calling clients, billing, scheduling appointments, and more. Technology has made giant strides in almost every business thereby simplifying the routine processes and offers smart solutions.

Welcome the electronic visitor management software, which allows the visitor to complete the registration process on their own. The software-based platforms do everything to address at the security concerns surrounding the facility and at the same time offers a pleasant experience to the visitors. The visitor management systems are slowly gaining popularity as evidenced by their adoption in multiple industries. Currently, there are multitude of visitor management systems in existence. In case, you are a bit worried about choosing the best visitor management software, then this article is just for you. Without any further ado, let’s explore the Top 10 visitor management Softwares for hassle-free digital reception.

1) piLOBI


piLOBI is a robust visitor management software and is a pioneer when it comes to offering affordable visitor management solutions. The visitor sign-in system optimises your front desk efficiency and helps the business to employ the reception staff elsewhere in the facility. The software features smart pre-registrations and minimises the time required for registration when the visitor arrives at the facility. The software is multi-lingual and supports more than 90 languages. The visitor can choose his desired language to complete the registration based on the geographic location. With real-time host notifications, the software sends instant alerts to the host via Email and SMS and notifies them of the visitor entry.         

piLOBI visitor sign-in system is versatile, customizable, and accounts for seamless visitor experience. The software allows to print visitor badges featuring the complete details and helps for their easy identification by the employees. QR code is also present beneath the visitor badge and assists for faster check-ins during the recurring visits. Customizable reports offer a comprehensive picture of visitor details and let’s you get the visitor data for a particular date range and time period. The visitor management system (VMS) can be customized with the company’s logo, colours which enhances the brand reputation. All the visitor data is stored in the cloud and hence there is never a case of the data breach. piLOBI offers four different pricing plans that include Basic, Premium, Premium+ and Enterprise that are designed to fit the needs of small, medium and large businesses that include Hospitals, MNCs, Small and medium enterprises, offices, properties and towers.  

2) mPass


Mpass visitor management software is compatible across multiple platforms like Android and iOS. It is a completely digitized system and captures visitor images, digital signatures for enhanced security of the facility. The visitor management system gives a complete end of the day reports thereby improving the transparency. The software assigns QR codes to the visitors making the registration process quite easier on their follow up visit. mPass offers a free demo to those who are interested in testing the software before opting for paid subscription.

3) SwipedOn


Headquartered in Tauranga, Newzealand, SwipedOn was founded in 2013, and the SAAS-based-software was used by businesses around the globe. The visitor management tool is smart, secure, easy to use. The dashboard offers a complete picture of visitor details that include visitor check-in and check-out time, duration of stay and so on. It has a robust tracking framework and offers minute to minute info of both the employees and the visitors. SwipedOn offers a free trial for those looking to have a feel of the features before actual purchase.

4) Envoy


The San Francisco based visitor management software was created in 2013 is a well-known feature-rich visitor management system. The visitor management software was developed with a view to offering a wonderful and memorable experience to the visitors. The software packs advanced features, using which one can keep track of everything related to visitors. The software is designed to cater to the needs of multiple industries and offers visitor management solutions for small, medium and large enterprises.

5) Proxyclick


The firm started its journey in 2010 and has a broad client base all across the globe. The visitor management tool has a customizable check-in process. The system sends real-time host notifications as soon as the visitor enters the facility. Employs QR codes for efficient registrations for recurring visitors. The system captures visitors image and accounts for stringent security. The system also generates customizable reports for easy analysis. Proxy click offers a free trial for 15 days for those wishing to experience its complete functionality.

6) Sine


Founded in 2004, Sine is a wonderful smart visitor management software that enhances the workplace experience and increases business growth. The software is compatible across multiple devices and platforms that include Android, iOS, and Web. The system also sends instant alerts in case of any emergencies. Installation takes very less time and it can be also easily integrated with other software. Sine offers a trial period for 30 days which must be sufficient enough to check its competence.

7) Qminder


The cloud-based queue based visitor management system that minimizes long waiting times. The system is easy to use; You just log in through browser, smartphone, or the browser. The firm also offers a 14 day free trial for testing the software. With Qminder, gain valuable visitor data that helps in making strategic business decisions. Qminder allows businesses to easily manage workflows, plan follow-up visits and helps you make the most of each visit.

8) Vizitor


Vizitor addresses all the reception management needs and offers the much-needed security to the facility. The visitor management software captures visitor images, verifies visitor via OTP and checks every individual that passes through the front door. The badge design is customizable and contains all the visitor details along with photographs and makes for effortless identification. The dashboard panel allows tracking visitor logs for better analysis.

9) VersionXEntryPoint


Founded in 2017, VersionX EntryPoint is an efficient premises management system and offers meaningful insights for better decisions. The digital reception software offers real-time reports, inbuilt analytics and helps to minimize the security risks and safeguards the premises. The software is customizable as per the unique visitor management operations. There are no hidden maintenance costs involved with the software. With VersionX, offer selective access to restricted areas in the building/ premises.

10) Touch Point


TouchPoint is a visitor management system that records and tracks movements of visitors into and out of the organization. Digital reception ensures the visitor check-in happens without any hassle. Employs multiple modes for visitor registration that include tablets. Kiosks, web links, mobile apps and tablets. TouchPoint notifies the host via multiple ways that include Email, SMS, pop-up alerts and push notifications. The software offers a high level of configurability and usability. You can easily create an appointment on touch point using the mobile app, website/app and accounts for faster check-ins.

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