Top Application Development Companies for Startups & SMEs

Here are the top application development companies best for startups & SMEs of today. Each of these vendor companies has helped accelerate the growth of startups & small businesses using software technologies- perhaps one among these would help your business next!

29th Dec 2019
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Top Application Development Companies

Application Development is the process of planning, developing and delivering software to businesses so it may leverage it for its operations. In the technology-fueled world, Application development has gained more prominence than ever before.

The point is, your business, no matter what industry it is in, would always be in need of an application that could make something easier, or perhaps make your business more profitable.

That’s what we’re all after, right? Using applications that ease the human workload, facilitate automation, reduce expenses and increase profitability.

That’s exactly what application development enables your business to do. But in the past, it was believed that application development is just for large enterprises.

That has been completely proven wrong today with the surge of application development companies catering to the needs of startups and small businesses.

Today, whether you’re a small business, owner of a bootstrapped startup, or a leader of a mid-size business, its completely possible to invest in application development at budgets as low as $1,000, and as high as you’d want to. So then, how do we start?

The first step to building a great application is finding the right application development partner. It is not so easy as one may think of it. You have hundreds of application development companies to choose from. However, there’ll be only a few who will understand the complexity of your requirements and deliver exactly what you want.

Finding the right application development company requires a lot of research, and as an independent IT Consultant, nobody would know this better than I do. I’ve spent hours researching the best companies to collaborate with for helping my clients fulfil their application development needs.

Fortunately, the hard work has allowed me to find some truly great application development companies ideal for startups & SMEs. These companies were found out of detailed research through the following steps:

Step 1: Scouting the best application development companies through Google/DuckDuckGo search and listings on Clutch/Goodfirms.

Step 2: Going through the companies’ portfolio and case studies.

Step 3: Finding notable clients through the above 2 steps.

Step 4: Connecting with them via call, Social Media and email (depending on which medium receives the quickest response)

Step 5: Asking them questions about their application development experience, the quality of the MVP and final product, among other questions to ascertain the vendor company’s expertise.

Now that I’ve given an insight into the research that went into this, let’s get started with the list of the best application development companies for Startups & SMEs:

1. ValueCoders


Established: 2004

Notable Clients: Dubai Police, Capgemini, Thomson Reuters

  • 14 years of expertise in the application development industry, and currently has a 500+ workforce.
  • Has completed over 4,200 projects for over 2,000 clients to date.
  • Maintained a 97% Client retention rate in the past 3 years.
  • ValueCoders has one of the best, and most value-for-money rates in the application development space for startups & SMEs.

2. Zealous System


Established: 2008

Notable Clients: Neil Patel Digital, Civica, JMB Consulting

  • Zealous System is an application development firm with offices in India, Australia, Namibia, and the USA.
  • Is a recognized Microsoft Gold partner
  • Recognized in the list of top B2B companies by Clutch in 2018.

3. OpenXcell


Established: 2009

Notable Clients: Byju’s, Motorola, Kotak

  • CMMI Level 3 application development company with 200+ workforce of software engineers, designers, and technology consultants.
  • OpenXcell specializes in mobile app development, real-time systems development, bot development, and IoT software development.
  • Has delivered over 1,000 software products to 800+ clients (among them are some highly successful startups) worldwide in a span of 11 years.

4. Endive Software


Established: 2008

Notable Clients: Kelloggs, Mahindra, Excurza

  • Endive is an ISO:9001:2008 certified application development company with offices in the USA, Australia, India, and the UK.
  • The company has delivered over 1,000 projects to 650+ clients worldwide.
  • Has partnered with brands such as HubSpot, Intel, AWS, Microsoft and SalesForce.

5. Exposit


Established: 2012

Notable Clients: Apollon, GAP, Polygran

  • Exposit is an application development company with expertise in over 15 industries and a 100+ headcount.
  • They have offices in Grodno in Belarus, and Tallinn in Estonia.
  • The company has delivered over 150 projects in a span of 7 years.

6. bvbLogic


Established: 2008

Notable Clients: Havas, SOCAR Energy, Netpeak

  • bvbLogic has successfully completed over 800 projects for 500+ clients across the world.
  • It has 4 development centers spread across Ukraine in Ivano-Frankivsk, Sumy, Ternopil, and Chernivtsi.
  • Sales offices are located in the USA, Ukraine, Poland, and Canada.

7. Flat Rock Technology


Established: 2008

Notable Clients: Wilbury Stratton, Brompton, Digilog UK

  • Flat Rock Technology is an application development company with offices in the UK, Bulgaria, and Georgia, USA.
  • Currently employs 140+ highly skilled IT professionals.
  • FRT has completed over 1,000+ projects for 150+ clients in a span of 10 years.

8. Radix Web


Established: 2000

Notable Clients: DITTO, Tesco, FastTrack

  • Radix has over 19 years of experience in the industry, the highest on this list.
  • The application development company currently has an employee strength of 410+ skilled experts.
  • Radix has successfully delivered over 4000 projects for 2900 clients across 5 continents and 25 countries.

9. Scopic Software


Established: 2006

Notable Clients: E-Pets Online, Nutshell Media, HelpSocial

  • Scopic software employs over 200 professionals, some of whom work remotely. All in all, the company’s team members are spread over 30 countries across the world.
  • The app development company has successfully built over 600 web apps, 200 mobile apps, and 150 desktop-based apps, taking the total to 950 applications.
  • Overall, they’ve already completed over 1K projects for 125+ clients.

10. Octal IT Solutions

octal it solution

Established: 2007

Notable Clients: Oricom, Mottiz, Wolero

  • Octal IT Solutions is an application development company that has built over 700 Android & iOS mobile apps in a span of 11 years.
  • The company has 150+ technical experts and a client rating of 4.9 out of 5.
  • Octal has completed over 1100 projects to date for over 500 clients from 40 countries.

One of these application development companies could become your partner!

So these were the top application development companies best for startups & SMEs of today. Each of these vendor companies has helped accelerate the growth of startups & small businesses using software technologies- perhaps one among these would help your business next!

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