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Why companies should necessarily hire more Women freelancers?

Why companies should necessarily hire more Women freelancers?

Wednesday October 24, 2018,

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Wondering, Why a woman and not a man?

From the IT field to the ground of cricket we have seen the never stopping growth of women. They have never failed to show their ability to achieve their goals and dreams. This capability and determination of women, made us believe that woman is more competitive and focus oriented in comparison to a man. From the old times, Women have always disguised themselves with the environment they are put in. Over the years women has evolved with the changing society which has made them more adaptable, and sophisticated over the years. Still, women are hooked to the ground, and their work is not appreciated, giving birth to gender inequality.

women freelancer
women freelancer

Women started entering the corporate, in which many lacked appraisal and appreciation for projects lead by them as a leader. So, they found a solution for the same and started diverting themselves towards “FREELANCING”. Which gave them Freedom to choose their area of interest, and enhance their skills. Freelancing gives you the right to decide your value in the market. It also helps you to balance your life and still helps to be yourself. A woman has proved themselves in every aspect of life from being a daughter to a mother and from being a junior executive to CEO. Now, it’s time for us to break our stereotype and believe in what we are seeing.

A woman should be preferred as a quality freelancer for all the following reasons;


Woman always value relationship they are bounded with and this makes them more compassionate than a man. Their compassion towards proving them capable has got them where they are today. A woman can always prove out to be a better leader as she understands the idea and issue by putting all her in the situation. Her empathetic nature is an attribute to her freelancing life. She will walk that extra mile for the progress of the project or a company, she is assigned to work. Also, not to forget they are particular with their deadline date as being perfect is in their blood. Maybe this is the reason women standout as a Content writer, Virtual assistant, or consultant.


Freelance also termed as “Self Employment” comes with a responsibility of sometimes dedicating odd, and long working hours, which makes woman a better option to work with. Woman are calm and have higher tolerance level as compared to man. Nowadays, increasing competition has led to burden of deadline, work pressure, and quick solution. Using their qualities they deal with all the issues and look at it as a challenge to win. Their optimistic nature and patience plays a vital role in their journey of freelancing which helps them to do wonders in the field of management.


Women are blessed with a power to sense the danger that invades. This is the reason they are so good with tackling all the problems that arise during a project completion. They are wise with their decision making skills as they run in every possible direction to conclude on one answer. They are always focused, strategic and always a close observer, which help to nurture the company and help it grow old with strong roots. Woman doesn’t have a command in her language which makes her a soft-spoken in nature, this quality of her helps everyone understand her perspective and the step she will carry forward. A woman can be Good leader, Marketing strategist, or analyst


Woman and Man both are creative in different respectful field. Woman will always have an upper hand than a man as she can never portray anything straight like a man may do. Creativity comes with a vision and a skill of innovation. A woman is empowered when it is time to display something creatively. She always do wonders by experimenting with her food, while cleaning her house and she applies the same when she is working on same project. A woman can innovate and inspire the other women. She has the ability to add colors to a black and white picture.


As a freelancer you have to deal with a number of clients, and projects. Simultaneously, you have to manage your profile and market yourself right. It is very necessary for a freelancer to multi-task. When it comes to multi-tasking again women rule it. Women nature is built in a way where they always manage and create a balance by multi-tasking. They can very well handle a complex situation and pass through it.


Women have always lead the race when it comes to success, they carry all the qualities of being successful. That doesn’t mean male are not better, but freelancing is about putting your client needs before your own needs. You have to understand the vision you client is carrying and what is the mission behind it. Women carry all the traits that turns out to be an attribute to their career as a freelancer. Join womenfreelancer.com for hire more women freelancer.