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List of Top 5 Innovative Digital Marketing Agencies

In tune with Digitization, your business must mutate to Digi-Marketing making it accessible to huge Customers. Let’s tour the top Digital Marketing Agencies that caters effectual digi-services to make you tall over market.

Top 5 Best Digital Marketing Agencies in India
Top 5 Best Digital Marketing Agencies in India

The world is going digital. People are accessing more and more information on their mobile devices and businesses are trying to catch up with this fast-paced technology. Where traditional marketing used print ads, flyers, commercials on billboards and television etc., digital marketing is all about using a digital platform such as pay-per-click, display advertising, Search Engine Optimisation, Google search network, blogging and other content marketing, email marketing, mobile marketing, web design, and development, etc. Everyone needs a strong presence on the digital platform today and whatever you do can make or break your brand image. This is the reason why even the most successful businesses find it difficult to create effective campaigns and strategies since they don’t have complete knowledge about all these channels. This is where a digital marketing agency steps in. Some of the other services offered by Best Digital Marketing Agencies are designing and developing the mobile application, creative services, online PR services, corporate presentations, etc.

What are the benefits of working with a Digital Marketing Agency?

Partnering with a Digital Marketing Agency can help a business in the following ways: 

1.  You have a chance to work with a team specializing in online marketing

2. The team understands modern market trends

3. It lifts the burden from your shoulder of learning a new skill and allows you to focus your energy on your core activity

4. Outsourcing will help in meeting timelines and deadlines

5. You get to see things from an unbiased perspective

6. Outsourcing will allow you to get the best rates and based on your requirement you can choose to hire professionals on part-time basis

Let’s look at some of the top digital marketing agencies that you can hire:

1. Geekschip

 Geekschip offers top rated digital solutions alongside value-added ranking optimization services to bring best technical support and quality SEO packages at affordable price.

Services: SEO services, SMM services, PPC services, Lead Generation, Digital Marketing Services, ORM services 

2. iProspect 

Part of the Dentsu Aegis Network, iProspect was founded in 1997 by Rubeena Singh. It offers specialists who have a thorough understanding of different avenues of digital marketing and use a simple and effective approach that helps them to connect with customers across channels.

Services: Paid Search, Organic Search, Paid Social, Content and Creative, Data & Analytics, Conversion Optimization

3. WATconsult 

WATconsult is another digital and social media agency under the Dentsu Aegis Network that was founded in the year 2007 by Rajiv Dingra. It offers solutions to strengthen your brand with the help of key digital initiatives using digital tools.

Services: Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Search Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Digital Analytics, Digital Video Production.

4. Webchutney 

Part of the Dentsu Aegis Network, founded in 1999 by Sidharth Rao, Webchutney is known for its dramatic digital solutions. It has innumerable awards to its credit.

Services: Website Design, Mobile Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Online Advertising.

5. Mirum India 

Today’s Mirum India was formerly known as Social Wavelength. Founded in 2009 by Sanjay Mehta and Hareesh Tibrewala, it works mainly in three areas-

Business Transformation that involves identification and creation of a new product, 

 Experience Design and commerce activation that involves planning, designing, and integration. 

Commerce Activation involving campaign and media planning, campaign creation, conversion optimization.

Services: ORM, Social Media, Corporate Blogging, Content Creation, etc. 


Whether you are into hospitality, education, travel, retail, e-commerce, fashion, blogging or real estate you can hire the services of these top-notch digital marketing agencies to create a strong presence digitally. Outsourcing is flexible and affordable. They will make use of newer and interactive ways to build an image for your brand so that your brand communicates with the customers and is able to create brand loyalists. You may take time to find an agency that understands your business goals but the wait is worth it.

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William Jack is a marketing strategy consultant, helping brands overcome sales, digital , and PR challenges with the help of marketing & brand strategy.

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