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The hidden targets every sales professional has to hit

In sales, everything boils down to numbers - the number of companies closed or the amount of revenue achieved. While these are noticeable and measured, others are not. But your sales team is secretly fighting for them every single month and losing the war. 

Image credit: www.wallpapermay.com
Image credit: www.wallpapermay.com

It is a tough life for a sales professional.

Every day is a fight to achieve the sales numbers. As our Sales Head rightly says, ‘A Sales Professional’s day like others does not start in an AC office with a cup of coffee at the table. Rather it starts as a hot day out on the field with mostly dust, sweat, and many-a-times disappointment. This is a regular day which seems to come every day of every month till he achieves his target’.

As the months pass by and the quarter end comes close, anxiety levels rise. The third month of the quarter is pure frenzy since the demand to meet a specific volume of revenue is at an all-time high.

In the midst of all this tension every month, there are some hidden yet mandatory targets/numbers that the Sales Professional has to meet.

Every sales meeting generates about two bills. That’s roughly 60 bills a month and 4 hours at the desk just filing expense reports. 

Month-end typically calls for expense report submissions. The Finance team sends in multiple reminders for the same, and this again pushes the stress and frustration of the Sales Professional to the roof. 

As the sales professional sits at his desk ready to put the receipts together and file his report, he realizes he has misplaced quite a few bills, forgotten one too many expenses. This portion of his salary remains unclaimed.

Sadly, no one pays attention to these numbers. So we decided to. 

We surveyed 500+ sales professionals to find out how much they lose out due to sales expenses and claims, every month. The results were surprising and upsetting. 

Read the survey insights here.

We request all sales heads to have a look at these numbers. It’s time we make the reimbursement process better for our sales team.

After all, your sales team is spending this money to achieve the company’s goals and the least they are asking for is for this money to be reimbursed without any hassles.

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Ruchi Karmalkar is the Marketing Head at Happay. She loves to publish stories, insights, and ideas that help businesses manage expenses better and scale faster.

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