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Awesome tips for CAT Exam 2017 preparation

This tips will definitely make a confident preparation for CAT Exam.

How to prepare for CAT exam or preparation for CAT exam is a prime keyword typing in internet search or searching somewhere else to get some tricky or helping formats which could ease MBA's toughest Entrance Examination in India. Do you know? more than 250000+ test takers will participate for seeking admission in Top MBA B-schools and only 11500 seats to be booked a few test takers, such a big pill to swallow.

Common Aptitude Test
Common Aptitude Test

Before rushing and pushing in for appearing CAT exam for a target to get admission in MBA, just wait and relax understand the concept of the exam. How paper has been set, what are the question goals, how to answer? These are in-depth research one for CAT exam. Also, you pep in yourself that where you are good and where you are lagging, are you quick in reading and answering or are you less in mathematics and making sums? all you do this will get a habitude to prepare for CAT exam.

Stay  Calm
Stay  Calm

As you know the clock is ticking for the exam and all the dates of examination also notified there is only one way to start preparing for the exam in a smart way. Before starting tips for CAT lets have looked in CAT exam Date and syllabus  2017.

Exam Date and Events.                                                       Events Dates

Registration Process                                                         August            9th, 2017

Registration Last Date                                                    September    20th, 2017

Admit Card releasing starts from                          October           18th, 2017

Examination Date for CAT 2017                               November      26th, 2017

Examination Result Date CAT 2017                     January              1st week 2017

Short List of Candidates                                                January                4th week 2017

Types and syllabus of CAT Exam:

As you know CAT Exam has 2 style types of exam one is M.C.Q and another is the NON-M.C.Q test.

Both style types are held in one single test whereas in M.C.Q having an option to answer by choosing an option and in NON-M.C.Q there is no option to choose answer instead you have to answer on your own by reading a question.

Exam has 3 part such as

• Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension

• Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning

• Quantitative Ability

The total number of questions is 100 which is distributed also follows:

• For Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension M.C.Q has 24 questions and NON-M.C.Q has 10 equals to 34 questions.

• Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning M.C.Q has 24 questions and NON-M.C.Q has 8 equals to 32 questions.

• Quantitative Ability M.C.Q has 27 questions and NON-M.C.Q has 7 equals 34 questions.

Now you got the basic idea of exam pattern let's elaborate more and find some easy ways or tips for attempting exam in an easy way.

Firstly plan you schedule taking all the topic in the partly interval "that means study each portion taking time 2 to 3 hrs" this will decrease your pressure which is very important for preparing the exam.

Secondly, the exam is a computer based test so one thing keeps in mind that practice as much Online test like Mock and Aptitude Test( you get search in Internet sources) and this will give you much practice to stay in time as if CAT exam is very flyspecked in time. Every section of test gives you only 60 minutes complete.

Third, revise your class 10th and 12th NCERT book which will help you to solve also mug up tables from 1 to 100 and read as good topic contain magazine which will improve your reading Comprehension.

And Fourth stay calm before the exam and on examination and assume themselves that " I have completed everything and all topics". This will make you more confident and relaxed temper.

To all CAT exam take taker Best of Luck for examination and keep your fingers crossed and do well.

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I am an instructor and advisor for Entrance Examination of India. Also a writer for every aspect of Entrance examination and guiding lots of students.

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