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Book about  love of a fan towards Superstar Rajinikanth

Don Bosco G, often known as a diehard fan of Superstar Rajinikanth, is a techie working in UST Global, Trivandrum. Other than his profession as a senior software developer, he discovered an author inside him.

He loved watching movies since the age of 6 and used to watch Rajini movies again and again. From the year 2004, he started watching Rajinikanth movies at morning 6am show in theatres on the first day itself. Until he met his friend Praveen Venkiteswaran (Author of the book “Himalayas - Through Heaven and Hell in the Hills”), he never realised that there was an author him. After reading Praveen’s book, he thought of writing a book about the inspirating quotes of his role model (Superstar Rajinikanth) which impacted his life. He spent almost five and a half months in writing a book titled “SIM – Superstar inside Me” with the tagline “Love of a fan towards a great human being”, he started writing the book based on his life journey with the meaningful message which he learned from Rajini’s movies, speech and interviews in the book and the things which he does before watching his movie and on his birthdays.

He self-published his first book as e-book @ Amazon and also printed few hard copies of the book. He circulated the hard copies to his friends and asked for their feedback. He was amazed by their positive feedback. They also added that the ending of the book was a big plus point. Ardra, a 7 year old kid of the author’s friend read the book and she conveyed the message to the author that she loved the book and wanted to know more about Rajini.

Don also loves acting and acted in few short films and stage dramas in Nagercoil. He is also well known for his event organizer skill which requires good leadership skill. During his free time he loves to watch movies and trying to crack his brain for his upcoming book.

Don is also looking forward to write a new book titled “Software Sanyasi”. He also has an book page where he shares all his thoughts


Visit Don’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/don.bosco.16906

His e-book which is available for sale @ Amazon


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