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Doubts You Should Clarify About Ecommerce Platform Solutions

Selling goods online has become a new market trend. E-commerce is the new buzz in the town. Businesses are creating their own online stores to attract more customers. It has provided new opportunities to ecommerce development services.

Selling goods online has become a new market trend. E-commerce is the new buzz in the town. Businesses are creating their own online stores to attract more customers. It has provided new opportunities to ecommerce development services. These online stores offer them a great platform to buy products with ease and comfort of home. But when it comes to finding right tools to sell online, the task can be tedious. There are multiple options or e-commerce platforms available in the market. But many people have different doubts about e-commerce platforms. It ranges from the expected characteristics of the platforms to their features.

Here we present top 5 doubts that people have regarding e-commerce platform solutions.

1. First, doubt that the people have that e-commerce platforms may not allow integration with different payment gateways. To address this issue let us look at the process. To sell products online, you should be able to accept payments from your customers. In order to do so, your online store should be integrated with a payment gateway. Most of the e-commerce platforms are compatible with most of the payment gateway. Each e-commerce platform comes with a list of payment gateway option. It is better to make sure that chose payment gateway is supported by the c-commerce platform before selecting it.

2. Another doubt people have is regarding the limited designs that they are offered They often have a misconception that they won’t get many design options. Having a unique design is an important aspect of ecommerce website development. This is not true in case of most of the e-commerce platforms. Most of the e-commerce platforms provide a wide range of free as well as paid themes. It helps your online store to have a unique look. When it comes to the application of these themes, it is not a tedious task. It can be done by simply click few buttons in the administrative section. It may also require uploading a certain file on to your server.

There are communities of members and independent designers of each e-commerce platform. They provide free and low-cost themes which are readily available. This helps you in finding the right theme for your store while maintaining your uniqueness.

3. One of the major doubt people have is regarding the site security issue. Well, the users are quite concerned about this aspect. Most of the e-commerce stores come with SSL certificates and PCI compliance. These are important security measures to ensure your store in safe and well-protected. Platforms like Magento have comprehensive security measures to make sure that your online store is secured. This feature of Magento has led to rise in Magneto ecommerce development. Wordpress comes with security plugins to keep up with the security aspects. Similar is the case with platforms like Shopify. These platforms offer complete security to your online store against malicious users.

4. There is another major doubt people that they have regarding e-commerce platforms. They are doubtful about the simple creation of pages as well as content along with forms. An e-commerce platform’s sole purpose is to sell various products. It should offer more than an attractive display of product pages. An online store should rank highly on search engines. It depends on the uniqueness of the content. The content should also be helpful too. It doesn’t mean that the online store only maintains a blog or initiate a content marketing campaign. Search engines like Google also look for content rich with keywords. It helps the customer to find the products they are searching for. In case of most e-commerce platform, creating and adding content to new or already present pages is easy.

5. One major doubt people have that doing Search Engine Optimization is tough on e-commerce platforms. Well, it is not true. Most of the e-commerce platforms provide wonderful SEO tools. Wordpress has Yoast SEO plugin which provides you in-depth SEO functionality. Similarly, other platforms have their own tools to make sure that your site’s SEO is done properly. Magento e-commerce platform is quite good when it comes to SEO friendliness. If your hire Magento developer, make sure that he understands and implement SEO aspect to your online store.


E-commerce is a new market phenomenon. People like to shop through online stores. But there are many misconceptions and doubts regarding e-commerce platforms. It ranges from the availability of payment gateways to unique designs. Security of the online store is another major concern for the store owners. Creation of pages and content remains to be another aspect of concern for most e-commerce store owners. SEO friendliness is also important for these owners. Most of the e-commerce platforms provide a solution to these concerns. So, these doubts can easily be cleared by considering various features and functionalities of these e-commerce stores.

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