How Acutastore scaled on Flipkart from 3 to 300+ categories
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Acutastore, an online business on Flipkart, retails hundreds of different products across several categories like beauty, wellness, electronics and fashion. From mobile accessories, automobile accessories, masks, gloves, health supplements to office supplies and much more, the online business retails products across 300+ product verticals on the e-commerce platform. Acutastore’s journey on the e-commerce platform began as an attempt to expand its customer base.  “While we were weighing in on options, we realised that Flipkart caters to a large young customer base. And, it was the target audience that we were catering to,” shares Deepankar Dey, CEO & Co-Founder, Acutastore.

In four years, Flipkart emerged to be a key growth driver for the business. “Initially, we were getting about 10 orders per day. Today, we ship 800 orders per day. This growth is phenomenal for a small business like ours, “ says Deepankar. The CEO says that Flipkart was instrumental in helping the business with insights on product categories they could expand into to tap into growth. “That saw us expanding our portfolio from three categories to 300+.”

In addition, Acutastore has also been successful in reducing its dependencies on imported products and working with manufacturers in India. “Flipkart has created an ecosystem where manufacturers can innovate. Today, it is possible to innovate and manufacture products in India, something which was unthinkable before the Make in India push.”

Deepankar is among the sellers who have been awarded ‘Top City Flipstar’— an award given to select sellers for their hard work and success during the festive period and the Big Billion Days Sale. The CEO says during the Big Billion Days Sale, Acutastore receives about 4,000 a day. “We made almost five months worth of sales during the five days,” he says. 

Having started out with a five-member team, today Acutastore has grown to be a unit of more than 70 members with warehouses in five cities. Watch the video to see why Deepankar says, “Flipkart gave us the confidence to become better and grow bigger.”

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