Money Matters with Shradha Sharma | Domestic investment in India
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IvyCap Ventures is one of the leading homegrown venture capital fund management companies in India, that has built an ecosystem around the global alumni of the country’s leading technology and business institutes. The company earned a whopping 22x return on its early-stage investment in Purplle in 2015. In this episode of Money Matters with Shradha Sharma, Vikram Gupta, Founder Managing Partner, IvyCap shares what this big win means for domestic capital in India, his views on the beauty e-commerce space, and the sectors they are currently looking to invest in.


Vikram Gupta
Co-founder & Managing Partner, IvyCap
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Top moments from the video
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1 IvyCap founder talks about the success of Purplle
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2 Vikram Gupta shares learnings from his experience and the idea of an IIT-focused fund
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3 IvyCap Founder on the need for success stories to draw investment from pension funds
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4 IvyCap founder on the success of Clovia and Purplle during the pandemic
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5 Vikram Gupta talks about IvyCap's investment and divestment in Purplle
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6 Founder talks about the focus investment areas for IvyCap
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7 Vikram Gupta on putting money to use and value generation for partners
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