Best of Weekender: An edtech startup to learn dance from the best and a platform offering digital resumes for film professionals

This week, YSWeekender also brought to you stories about a Hyderabad-based singer who is making waves in the indie-pop music scene, and a Delhi-based startup that is creating mohalla clinics from discarded shipping containers, addressing both sustainability and public health needs.

It is amazing how digitisation allows the scope of edtech to go far beyond traditional academic learning. Take for instance Ucanji, an innovative edtech platform launched by Gurugram-based Divanshi Gupta that teaches a non-academic yet important skill-based subject – dance.

The platform lets students sign up through a subscription model and access hundreds of videos on varied dance forms under the guidance of expert choreographers from around India and the world.

Artists will unanimously agree that their best work is a reflection of their own lives and situations. Hyderabad-based singer and musician, Pranati Khanna, aka Peekay, whose latest hit single ‘You Don’t Have To’ released in July in collaboration with popular music producer Jonathan Edwards, vouches for this.

With over 61,000 views on Peekay’s YouTube channel, ‘You Don’t Have To’ has been well liked by fans and the public alike. The song premiered on VH1 and Rolling Stone India.

Add a variety of fibrous foods to your diet to improve your health

You probably hear contradictory information when it comes to fibre. On the one hand you see nutritionists talking about the importance of fibre. At the same time, you can hear other nutritionists dissing fibre as something that can rob your body of zinc and other minerals.

Where is the balanced view and what should you be doing? Is fibre important for your body? How much do you need each day? Read more on this here.

Mohalla Clinics by Architecture Discipline

Architecture is an apt reflection of the times we live in. Presently, when public health issues and the environment have become pressing concerns, it is natural to create structures that address both. The latest project by Delhi-based firm Architecture Discipline – mohalla clinics made from discarded shipping containers – is a fine example of this.

These clinics capitalise on the structural strength of discarded shipping containers, reducing the need for costly modifications or custom-built additions, and allows to redefine post-industrial waste as a medium for universal affordable healthcare.

Studies show only two percent of film professionals get through the right opportunities, while the remaining 98 percent stay in the same positions.

The co-founders of Filmy profile, Sudheer Kumar Yandapalli and Nanda Kishore, “saw this as a huge opportunity to build a platform.”

The Bengaluru-based digital platform provides digital resumes for film professionals, including basic information, educational details, experience, portfolio, videos, audio files, and documents.

Edited by Teja Lele Desai


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