Best of Weekender: Tête-à-tête with YouTube influencer CarryMinati, startups working towards Green India, and more

This week, YS Weekender caught up with YouTube influencer CarryMinati, who has 30M subscribers. We also spoke about how eating different meals each day of the week provides different systems within your body the right resources to be vibrant and healthy.

Ajey Nagar aka CarryMinati is officially the most-followed YouTube influencer in India and Asia. The 21-year-old has been winning audiences with his roast videos, satirical parodies, diss tracks, and rap songs for over a decade now. 

In an interview with YSWeekender, he talks about being a youth icon, evolving as an artist over time, and controversies he’s been a part of.

When we talk about milk brands in India, the one name that comes to our mind is Amul, which was started by the late Dr Verghese Kurien.

In recent years, India has seen a surge in dairy-based startups, which are revolutionising the sector by leveraging technology. With a change in lifestyle and higher disposable incomes, the demand for organic, farm-fresh milk is on the rise.

On the occasion of World Milk DayYS Weekender fetaured a few dairy startups that are constantly reinventing to provide good produce every day.

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Health is an ongoing journey. It requires a dynamic flow where you continue to tweak your diet and protocols based on what is happening to you in terms of stress, hormones, digestion, circulation, overall metabolism, mood, and detoxification.

What might work for you perfectly at one point in time may require a completely different approach at another time. Let’s explore eating different meals through each day of the week in a way that provides different systems within your body with the right resources to be vibrant and healthy!

Saving the planet will require changes at the grass-root level.

We are all witnessing the harrowing effects of climate change, ocean pollution, endangerment of wildlife, and deforestation — all amounting to untimely tropical cyclones, melting of ice caps, raging forest fires, and more.

According to YourStory Media research data, in 2020, a total of $67.29 million was pumped across 18 deals in energy, waste management, and cleantech startups. This year, $6.46 million was pumped across five deals, so far.

On World Environment Day, YS Weekender highlights the works of several individuals and organisations working towards creating a sustainable world.

COVID-19 downed the shutters on all friend and family outings, including weekend getaways, movies, concerts, coffee dates, and lunches and dinners. However, a majority chose to hunker down and bury themselves in the pages of a good book. The last year has shown us that literature can become the mainstay of the community.

If you’re among the many struggling to choose what to read next, a celebrity book club could help steer you in the right direction. Most of these book-loving celebrities make book recommendations and use their clout to arrange author interviews, discussions, and giveaways.

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