Shivo & Arvind Jaketia, Founders, Energy Matrix, Mumbai

Thursday September 11, 2008,

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Tomorrow is all about Today's choices

A chance meeting with an astrologer and Arvind Jaketia moved from computer configuration to cosmic calculations and planetary movements. Last year he teamed-up with his guru, Shivo, to invent a new approach to Astrology,which empowers people to take decisions and make right choices. He tells YourStory why their method is the need of the time and different from other regular predictions.

How you became interested in Astrology and when did Energy Matrix came into existence?

I was into the distribution of computer hardware and peripherals for 24 years. About 5 yrs ago I met a 70yr old guy, who was learning astrology. I got inspired and developed this sudden urge to learn astrology. The search of a good teacher seemed to be a futile exercise until I met Shivo-now my partner in Energy Matrix. He taught me the intricacies of astrology in just two days. That got me hooked to astrology for life and I learned more about both Vedic and western astrology over the years. Soon, I could make accurate predictions. I also realised that many people were interested in learning astrology but Sanskrit language was a barrier; besides, market was flooded with imposters. Shivo and I decided to teach 'Awareness Astrology' for self-evolution of a person and thus Energy Matrix came into existence in February 2007.

What were the challenges and obstacles you faced in initial years?

Biggest challenge was to establish the credibility of this method. Also, we faced ridicule of traditional people, who pointed out that until we prescribe the rituals and remedies, people won't have faith in us. But we remained clear that the only remedy of astrological afflictions is awareness and the most powerful application of astrology is to make correct choices. We have got very encouraging response from people so far. Shivo has been conducting workshops for business community for a long time now; much before Energy Matrix was conceptualized. Once the company was formed we started making stock market predictions on social networking sites such as Orkut. That helped us get visibility and initial clients.

Turning points in business

We predicted about the recent turmoil in world economy such as recession in American economy, inflation in the global market, and crash in the Indian stock market in a business conference held last year when BSE-index had scaled 20k peak. That gave us lot of credibility. Now businessmen listen to us when we talk about market trends and movements.

What are the differentiators of your business?

There are three major differentiators. First, this method is much more accurate than any other astrology method existing at present. Second, the whole approach is to inspire to face challenges with courage and realize the peak potential. Third, there is immense depth of details one can get out of this approach, which is very helpful to get crucial answers in the areas of business strategies, career choices and deep psychological insights. Unlike others, we don't use it as crutches to support and work on the fear psychosis of people who are curious to know their future. Rather, we use it as tool and guiding force to bring a person closer to realizing his own self. We are creating new software based on Energy Matrix Method, which will have unique predictive and analytical capabilities. We are keen to offer advice to risk takers and entrepreneurs and help them make right choices in crucial matters. We feel that astrology can be a highly valuable tool for Venture Capitalists and investors in choosing the right projects to bet upon.

What drives you?

Making difference in the lives of other people

Future Plans

We are planning to start online consultancy on astrology covering various aspects of an individual's life such as relationships, career, financial aspects etc. It will be supported by call centre and employees, who are trained and believe in Energy Matrix philosophy of astrology. We are also developing subscription based online product for accurate event predictions.

Key requirements for scaling-up the business

Funds to develop software; public relation activities to spread awareness about work; large team of trained energy matrix astrologers.

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