Aman Ranchan, Founder, MASSCO

Thursday March 19, 2009,

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Envisaging business ideas
Multitasking is his forte, and it is this skill that has earned Aman Ranchan a fortune while he is still 24. A student of Mudra Institute of Communicatons Ahmedabad - Entrepreneurship Development Center (MICA-EDC), Ranchan was dauntless in his approach to the entrepreneurial world and his stepping into this domain laid the found of Micro Analysis Solution and Service Company (MASSCO). The company, which was only a fledgling when it started, has today multiplied its operation and is looking to become a dynamic, innovative and strategic solution company by 2010.

MASSCO assists its customers to manage, strengthen and customize their company’s core competencies. It operates for those out-of-the-box thinkers who believe that a solution is a not a solution unless it leads to development through innovation. As of now, the company functions through two major divisions — Thoughts and Idea Centre and Client Services. The former primarily focuses on developing business from an idea and bringing it into full fruition for execution. From conceptualisation of a business model to selling the idea, MASSCO undertakes a host of processes to meet its clients’ demand. It is presently developing an online movie site, WIMMO — Wow! It’s My Movie Online — which has also got incubated by Mica-EDC. WIMMO is an initiative to showcase thoughts, ideas and objectives of an individual through the visual media, and will share its profits for a social cause.

Under its Client Services division, Ranchan ensures that the company provides strategic solution and services for corporate and other organisations. “We believe in development through innovation. Presently, we are working on building marketing and business strategy for a Mumbai-based corrugation machinery manufacturing company. We are also planning a one-year outsourcing scheme for their international promotion and have been negotiating on a few projects where the respective companies have sought our help for developing a business plan. Apart from this, we have also worked on two survey-related projects,” said Ranchan while talking about the company’s present undertakings.

When asked how he plans to scale-up the business, Ranchan said, “Apart from running client services smoothly, we are aiming to publicise WIMMO in the coming months. We also have plans to increase students’ involvement through Sajha club, which essentially helps member students to generate newer business ideas. A new business product in the field of eco-tourism is also in the pipeline.

And why did Ranchan opt for becoming an entrepreneur? “Breaking rules to develop a system is a cinch, making systems without breaking rules is what I prepared myself for. It was the desire to do something unique which encouraged me to become an entrepreneur. Earlier, I worked with General Motors as an assistant manager for over two years, and when I quit it was the start of my career as a businessman. I began my entrepreneurial journey powered by the skills I had developed by working in the corporate sector,” he explained.

Ranchan believes that human are, by default, idealist in their thinking and he was no exception. The biggest challenge he faced was to make himself realise that the force of entrepreneurship is more powerful than the speed of ideas. He started saving money while he was doing a job to provide for the seed capital investment for his company. As the initiative started gaining momentum, Mica’s entrepreneurship development centre incubated Ranchan’s first venture and offered financial push to MASSCO’s new product WIMMO. And this Ranchan considers as his biggest achievement so far.

Despite the numerous challenges that came his way, Ranchan never thought of giving up his venture. His determination, belief in self and the drive for newer challenges kept him going. And to the aspiring entrepreneurs, he has only one thing to say — “If you are prudent, have believe in your ideas and the ability to organise your resources effectively, success will be at your doorsteps.”

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