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OSScamp is a series of community-driven unconferences targeted specifically at promoting FOSS implementation and development in India. It is India's largest unconference on open source. They bring together the best brains and the most passionate technologists and enthusiasts under one roof and create a platform for sharing best practices, experiences, and knowledge.

OSScamp Delhi will see IT professionals, Enthusiasts and Students come together to discuss and shape the future of open source in India.

Key Details

  • Time: 9:00am to 6:00pm
  • Date: March 28-29, 2009
  • Venue: IIT Delhi
  • City: New Delhi


There are no set tracks at OSScamps. Campers are encouraged to discuss everything open source and the inter-dependecne and inter-operability of technologies. The camp will see participant-contributed talks ranging on a number of FOSS issues including:

  • using various FOSS Tools for productivity and profit
  • how-tos on specific technologies
  • emerging FOSS tools and technologies
  • licensing and business issues
  • empowerment with FOSS
  • Freedom FTW!

Focus Area

Promoting the implementation and indigenous development of FOSS Tools and Technologies.

The Buzz

With growing awareness on FOSS, Open Source spells a wise business choice for organisations and an emerging field of work for professionals. For students, open source means immense opportunities in the Future and for common man it means technology that is free and available. OSScamps promote open source implementation and development at all levels of technology. Participate at OSScamps to shape the future of Open Source in India.

Who Should Attend

Everyone and Any one interested in FOSS. Developers, Architects, Professionals, Students, Media people. Geeks and Enthusiasts.

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