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Rahul Karnani and Farahdeen Khan, Founders, 2927 Communications

Saturday May 30, 2009 , 5 min Read

The fact that Rahul Karnani and Farahdeen Khan are willing to go an extra mile to deliver outstanding results for their company — 2927 Communications — shows that they are among the most enterprising youths of today. Established in 2006, the enterprise excels in brand communications, design and advertising for various businesses across the world. The duo consider their firm as an organisation that is youthful, vibrant, reliable and unpretentious, comprising like minded and ambitious people who love their work and are passionate about what they do.

For both Karnani and Khan, children are the most trusted judge of their work. “We take kids very seriously because at times when they see our work and make a face, we know we haven’t done a good job. When it comes to design, we believe in merging traditional with the radical to create something entirely new and marvellous out of it,” said Karnani.

The founders of the organisation come from diverse background, and that provides the firm with sufficient leverage to explore numerous opportunities and understand businesses, new markets and the constantly changing consumer behaviour across industries, verticals and services. The duo’s present business —branding/designing/advertising has a universal appeal which makes it applicable to any kind of business. When viewed from a client’s perspective, the objective of 2927 Communications is to become distinct in the market and build a brand or a portfolio of brands that will enable them to encompass a devoted customer base. On the contrary, when seen from the organisation’s perspective, the entrepreneurs commit themselves to growth thereby looking at creating value and wealth for all its stakeholders.  

“What differentiates us from the other companies in the field is our strict adherence to maintaining quality, which has also earned us the goodwill of our existing clients and other stakeholders of the company. We ensure to provide our clients with the convenience of a hassle-free working relationship, so while they focus on their businesses, we handle the rest for them,” Khan asserted.

As for the plan to scale-up the business, Karnani and Khan are well prepared. The market today is in a constant state of flux. As a result, there are plenty of uncertainties about the final outcome or the right way to go about things. However, the duo said they review the business every six months, which keeps them focused, and ensures a reality check that helps the firm adapt to the changing environment.  

Despite uncertainties, there was no stopping Khan and Karnani from setting out on their entrepreneurial venture. “A business warrants a good appetite for risk and an extremely focused and dedicated approach. We have both. Being an entrepreneur gives us the freedom to visualise and work towards attaining our goal. While taking this journey, we were ready to take challenges head on, and understood that there is no looking back.” Said a determined Karnani 

Everyday has been like a big challenge, but Karnani and Khan took it as an opportunity to learn, grow and become sharper. Optimism was their watchword; they figured out opportunities for betterment and ideas to overcome challenges. “We have made mistakes and learnt from them. We still consider ourselves amateur,” said Khan.

Although both Karnani and Khan come from financially sound families with successful business backgrounds, they started their venture from scratch with not a penny in their pockets. All they had was a laptop, net connection and their dreams. “We did some freelancing in the beginning which gave us just enough money to open a current account. And here we are today – with a bankable client list. It has indeed been an extraordinary experience to see the company grow one step at a time,” Karnani reminisced.

The company has grown steadily and has never compromised on the quality of service, and the proliferating client base is a proof of that. The duo gave all the credit, for whatever success they have achieved so far, to its very supportive and dedicated team.

When asked if the company has ever been recognised for its work, Khan promptly replied, “The words ‘great work’ are rather subjective and differs from person to person. We take it as an appreciation when a client comes back to us, confident that we will deliver and stand up to their expectations,” 

Never did any of the two thought of giving up their venture. Not that there weren’t any hurdles. The only thing that kept them buckled on to their rollercoaster entrepreneurial ride was their passion for the work and the drive to take their enterprise to greater heights. Their vision for 2010 is to consolidate the existing business, work out a growth map and convert their passion into a successful business model.  

Tips for budding entrepreneurs — the most important rule in life is that there are no rules. As long as you are honest and do what you believe in, you will never face failure. Take each day as it comes.