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Amit Lall, Founder: United Force of India

Sunday August 30, 2009 , 3 min Read

Amit Lall

Leaving behind his family and a flourishing garments business across India, Mumbai based businessman Amit Lall is on a misson to unite the youth of India on one platform to fight against social injustice. Amit has started an organization called ‘United force of India’ which works towards the welfare for the people and has its centers all over India.

After he nearly lost his mother in the ill-fated 26/11 terror attacks on Mumba, Amit resolved to do something for his country and embarked on a mission to unite the people of India on one platform where individuals and groups could work and provide mutual assistance for the welfare of the people.

Amit started his ‘Drive for Peace’ road mission and visited 28 states in India. During his 118-day mission he interacted with his fellow countrymen who helped launch his organization. “United Force of India is an organization I have started which, for the first time in India, provides a platform to the people, the youth, the student unions & NGO’s of ALL 28 states, under one roof, to help each other in every state,” said Amit.

He added that the units are mainly handled by the youth to help the people fight against injustice. He also said that soon he would soon be starting a toll free helpline number where calls are accepted and directly diverted to their respective area centers to provide immediate assistance.

Amit completed his ‘Drive for Peace’ on 23 May 2009 and is now busy with his organization which is already operative in every state and handled by the local youth. Amit also has thousands of members registered on his organization’s Facebook account since its launch. Now he is planning to launch a website and to make a documentary film which will help people recognize the necessity for such organizations.

Here I would like to mention that Amit is not new to film production as his father Rajan Lall produced many films in the past – mainly in the South like Appu Raja, Dalapati, Nayakan – and Amit himself has assisted Mahesh Bhatt on many of his films during his struggling days. Amit says that he will use his experience of filmmaking to make the documentary film for his organization.

But having a business background also helped Amit spot the business potential in the North Eastern states of India which according to him is full of opportunities. “During my mission I came to know of the business potential in the north eastern states of India and I struck upon the idea to use the platform of my organization to unite the businessmen of the country and make full use of this potential,” said Amit. He added that this will also create opportunities for employment for the local youth in these hard times of recession.

Amit appealed to the youth of the country to join his organization for the betterment of the country and also to fulfill their moral responsibility.