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Arul Sekar P., Founder, ecoLogin, Tours & Travels

Friday August 28, 2009 , 3 min Read

The whole object of travel is not to set foot on foreign land; it is at last to set foot on one's own country as a foreign land.  ~G.K. Chesterton.

Arul Sekar was till a year ago just someone with dreams of entrepreneurship. Our Featured entrepreneur though seems to have taken G.K. Chesterton’s quote to heart while coming up with an idea for a venture. Arul is the creator of ecoLogin, Tours & Travels and possibly your future guide to some beautiful hidden lands. He laid bare his tale to Yourstory and spoke first about what they do saying “We facilitate and provide seamless tour services through Web based technologies that would ensure a hassle free environment to explore and experience the remote and exotic locations at affordable prices.”

 Their aims are simply to give their clients their money’s worth. Their vision statement is a reminder they are not just some tour and travel enterprise but a competitive entrepreneurial venture. Arul states their aims –“To be the most sought after nominal-cost no-frill tourism service provider and most preferred one stop solution provider for short duration travelers to exotic and remote travel destinations in south India Mission --To make travel as an uncompromising part of one’s lifestyle by delighting every customer, every time, through outstanding, personalized services while ensuring their safety and security.”

 Arul gave us the essence of what makes them special and says “in short we have the passion, we are different, competition is quite less and we enjoy it. “

Their area of expertise is down south and they plan to grow bigger by “Bringing in more like minded people, encouraging this kind of travel, finding more off-beat locations, starting small in other states once we are settled in Tamil Nadu.” 

Building the organization and bringing his business to this juncture was no easy task for Arul. Conveying and initiating their idea of experimental travel to the customers was a hurdle which they have since crossed. Arul spoke of his entrepreneurial convictions that have put him on this path saying “I thought I can only get satisfied with what I have the passion to do and that could happen only when I start something of my own”

He may have wasted time while waiting for seed money but his friends soon bailed him out. He has since then moved fast and with strength. They have one head office at Chennai and a zonal office in Madurai with 10 employees. 

They won the Genesis, social entrepreneurship business-plan competition, organized by IIT-MADRAS and TCS while impressing their clients with their work. Arul says “We have been achieving Customer Delight regularly and without any potential marketing step we have seen new customers and old customers come back.”


The traveler in Arul has a “passion for trekking and love for jungle life.” which makes his entrepreneurial venture all the more significant and important to him.

Arul sums it all up and defines his entrepreneurial ethos saying “Work hard, have fun, do good things.”

Yourstory wishes ecoLogin and the traveling entrepreneur in Arul a safe journey on his trek towards success.