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Mr. K.Ahmed.Khan, Managing Director, K.K.Plastic Waste Management

Monday August 31, 2009 , 5 min Read

Plastic waste has been the worry of environmentalists everywhere and a source of grave concern. In a time when most companies shirk away from their responsibilities and award themselves fat bonuses at the expense of the public, K.K.Plastic Waste Management Pvt. Ltd. has been taking ownership and dealing with the problems that plastic causes. Their solution has had the effect of “killing two bird with one stone”. Mr. K.Ahmed.Khan, the Managing Director of K.K.Plastic Waste Management communicated his company’s aims, methods and his entrepreneurial voyage in a self-penned introspective.

He wrote to Yourstory saying “Since we are manufacturers of plastic products, we realize the social obligation on our part as plastic is non-biodegradable which has its stigma, that it is a menace to the environment.We started working on this problem by setting up a laboratory of our own and conducted many experiments as to how it could be used. We made a break through to know that it could be used in road construction.”

“We tried on filling up lots of potholes in Bangalore city, without any sanction and made an observation which proved to be suitable in road construction. After observation of 6 months, it showed visible improvements. Then, we sponsored a research at R.V.Engineering College, Center for Road Engineering Bangalore University, under the stewardship of Prof. C.E.G.Justo and Prof. Veer.Raghavan.”

“After extensive experiments they authenticated our research and brought out a report confirming the good of using plastic waste in road making, which would improve the performance of the road as well as life span at least twice of the normal roads.”

“We approached the government for implementation. The government wanted it to be certified by Central Road Research Institute (C.R.R.I). They also brought out an official report saying it would be beneficial when used in road construction. With this we demonstrated 40 kms as a pilot project in association with Bangalore Municipal Corporation (B.B.M.P). From here it has become as mandatory to use plastic waste in road construction and till now we have used plastic waste on 1200 kms using 3500 tons of plastic waste.”

“This has created a chain of networks in the city involving house makers, schools, and municipal garbage collectors. The major source is rag-pickers and all this was possible as we are paying Rs.8/ per kg by which it has become an attractive price as an incentive to their efforts.”

“However, we are confined to Bangalore city Corporation only. We are pursuing (BDA) Bangalore Development Authority, (PWD) Public Work Department, who are also road laying agencies. We wish they would subscribe to this concept. Then you would see Bangalore as plastic waste free city in country. And it would become a model city to the world. This we wish to achieve by end of 2010.”

“By eliminating plastic waste at the source, the garbage will be free of plastics, which would be more useful, as 80% of the garbage can be converted into compost manure, which will be very useful in agriculture and also in keeping the land fertile.”

“If I had to tell about me, why I am an entrepreneur rather an employee?”

I would say I always thought being an employee meant you have to be content and there no scope for passion and ambition. I did not want to confine myself into a limited area, so I opted for entrepreneurship.”

“The future challenge is to establish our concept of making India free of plastic waste menace, and we are yet to over come it.”

K.K.Plastic Waste Management began with its own money, and has set the standard as the conscience of the industry.

Mr. Ahmed Khan’s efforts were recognized at the “REAL HEROES” Awards for excellence organized by CNN-IBN in association with Dhirubhai Ambani Foundation. KKPWM has also been recognized by UN Habitat, CRISIL Award for excellence, City Managers Associate Award, SUKUKI EXNORA Green Leaf Award. Bangalore city and the city schools have recognized their exemplary work and are calling them for presentations.

Despite the very visible popular consensus the lack of political will and official indifference to their project has been a source of worry to them. However Mr. K.Ahmed.Khan is not one to give up on his visions without a fight.

Drawing on his years of experience he plucked out a few factors that we should look out for. He wrote “My message is stay away from debt traps which could bring disaster to budding entrepreneurs. Adapt simplicity in your approach. Explore new things, be innovative and be conscious about environment and conservation of energy. “Be-conserve” of any wastage – irrespective of what so ever material it is, such as Water, Wood and Food.”

Yourstory thanks Mr. K.Ahmed.Khan and K.K. Plastic Waste Management, for taking the time to write for us and sharing his thoughts and experiences with our readers. We wish our Green entrepreneur luck and hope that political factors will soon turn around to support his endeavor.