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P M Sundar Rajan, Founder, Sunsmart Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Monday August 31, 2009 , 5 min Read

“Complete Solutions”
When we go to the bank for any transactions or financial solutions we hardly spare a thought to the process that makes all this possible. A decade or so earlier computers and automation made the work of banks easier, and the effects trickled down to make them more accessible to the common man. P M Sundar Rajan is the entrepreneur who has been tirelessly developing solutions to the varied elements of banking.

YourStory learnt about the nuances of his business and his story of entrepreneurship from him. Rajan says “SunSmart Technologies started in 2002, is a global provider of banking and ERP solutions. SunSmart drives on the basic emphasis that simplicity, integrity and attitude combine together in providing perfect solutions and total customer satisfaction.”

Their offerings are incredibly varied and read like a what-is-what of banking and E.R.P. (Enterprise Resource Planning). Rajan details their work saying “Our products include a broad portfolio of Customer relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP), Human Resource Management (HRMS), Financial Management, Asset Management, Property Management, Project Management, Learning Management Solutions, Contract Management, Circular Management, Loyalty Management, Customer Complain System, MIS, Help Desk, Vendor Registration, Metrics and Procurement software. Banking Solutions include Lead Management System, Channel Partner Empanelment, Knowledge Management, Training Management, Circular Management, Loyalty Solution, Contact & Activity Management, Dashboard, Logistics management, Bank Reconciliation.”

“Our solutions help companies to make money, save time and reduce costs. We work with thousands of companies worldwide in hundreds of industries to develop better products faster by utilizing information technology, software, services and systems to enhance and automate your end to end process.”

Their solutions work not just because of the intricate planning that goes into it, but because of their dedication to customer service. Rajan says “We listen to our customers and consistently deliver what they need next. We work hard to make sure our customers are satisfied. Our success entirely relies in delivering the product with consistent high quality, latest technology and on time delivery.”

Their progress has allowed them to aim for foreign shores. Rajan and Sunsmart are going places and he states “We are planning to expand our office and also open up a branch office in the Middle-east to expand our operations. There are Plans on the cards for setting 9 more branches across various geographies in the next 15 months.” 

Driven by a need to reflect well on society, Rajan took up entrepreneurship with the “Want to leave an impression in history.” His experience and knowledge of the software industry gave him the real life skills to venture forth. 

Despite having many advantages, world events caused the software industry much grief. Rajan buckled down and kept his nose to the grindstone to beats the odds. He recalls “When the software industry crashed due to 9/11 and the global economic slowdown, it was tough and challenging for us to make a mark. With consistent efforts and hard work, we got an order from a top manufacturing company in Tuticorin to integrate SAP & Lotus Notes. Both my wife and i left for Tuticorin leaving behind our daughter (2 years old) in my mother's place. We worked for more than 16 hours a day and successfully completed the project in three months of time.”

He feels he could have done much better and says “Instead of starting in 2002, I should have started it when the software industry was booming.” 

Never the less their progress has been swift but steady, Rajan reports “For the last 3 years, we are growing at a fast pace by more than 200% and have a handful of projects serving both national and international customers. Our company is headquartered in Chennai and has 75 employees.”

“We are Royal Partners of Microsoft and Advanced Partner of Sun Microsystems. Our customers include over half of the Indian Banking Industry. Out of the top 3 private banks, 2 are our customers. Out of top 5 Government Banks, 2 are our customers. Out of top 3 Insurance companies, 2 are our customers.”

Rajan is proud that their work has ensured that they are first on their clients’ minds and says “The partnerships with both Microsoft and Sun Microsystems had happened through their initiatives.”

He has no complaints for the entrepreneurial life and feels that it completes him as a person. He exclaims “It is so exciting and helps me to achieve greater heights in life. It’s like a kingdom and we being the owners. The responsibility of taking care of 75 families is an opportunity given by GOD” 

Rajan reaches out to the potential entrepreneurs reading this article and says “You will be definitely facing many obstacles in your day-to-day life. Instead of taking it as hurdle, take it as a task that needs to be completed at the earliest.”

We wish Sunsmart and Rajan much affluence and success as they make their way to the top of their industry.