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Sannam Chopra, Founder, Archetype Deusigns

Saturday August 29, 2009 , 4 min Read

“Fashionably Successful”

Being fashionable in India is either the premise of the wealthy, or of those who have the style to carry off anything. Finding the right accessories to supplement your fashion statement consists of quests to bargain markets and niche shops, which may or may not have what your heart desires. Sannam Chopra is the savior of the indigenous dandy and fashionista. Her entrepreneurial venture is your passport to the world of accessible adornments.

 Sannam delivers her message of prêt a porter styles through Archetype Deusigns, and she told her story of entrepreneurship saying “Archetype Deusigns was founded in 2006 to create unique quality fashion accessories by providing reliable cost effective products along with excellent customer service. Our forte lies in understanding & creating exquisite designs;

we understand that we are in a business in which fashion keep changing, so we challenge ourselves by innovating new designs as per specific themes, seasons, stories, occasions, festivals etc. Our products sell under the Brand “BLEND FASHION ACCESSORIES” and “EMBELLISH” across various Retail stores and boutique around India.”

Their approach to High Fashion is what sets them apart from all others. Sannam says “Our USP is our Designs, we create our own designs which makes us stand apart from the clutter around”

“We got our supply chain in place as well as our distribution and in this year place to retail in about 50 Retail Format stores (Shopper Stop, Lifestyle, Reliance Trends...)by 2010 we aim to more than double our figure”

Sannam seems to have a higher power guiding her entrepreneurial hand with conviction and faith. She answered why she chose to be an entrepreneur saying “I wish I could answer this question more articulately but it was a combination of GUT feeling and Belief in my products so it was an easy decision.”

Sannam has more than earned her stake in the fashion world. Her grit and strength shone through when she undertook her task. She says “The biggest challenge is to start everything from SCRATCH, you falter, try to unlearn, learn again.”

She learnt to tell which way the wind blew even though it took a bit of time. She says” I was not learning to adapt the business to changing times, started the business with the intention of outright selling, but realized that your own Brand is what will get you further.” 

She conceived the idea for Archetype Deusigns in her bedroom with just a desktop. Her skill and taste in fashion have translated that idea into an office space, with 5 employees, and they are looking for further recruitments. They are currently employing sales girls for Maharashtra for their display brands in Shoppers Stop stores. Their catalogue has also taken on gargantuan proportions and Archetype Deusigns is also in the market for warehousing space.

“Moving from an Outright purchase format to concentration on developing our own Brand BLEND and EMBELLISH” is an achievement that Sannam is proud to have see to completion 

Sannam has a mantra that kept her going despite time when she would have otherwise quit. She recites her mantra for tenacity saying “GUTS GUTS GUTS GUTS GUTS GUTS BELIEF BELIEF BELIEF BELIEF FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS”

Sannam shares her hopes for the future saying “Our aim is to display our Brands in excess of 100 stores across India, we are also have plan to start out our own Stand alone retail shop in Mumbai.”

Sannam learnt a lot about her own qualities through her entrepreneurial journey, and states what she believes is a requirement if one choose to undertake a similar journey. She says “If you believe in your self and your product everything else is Inconsequential, NEVER LOSE FOCUS OF YOUR FINAL AIM.”

We believe that Sannam has the persona and the skills to be fashionably successful. Yourstory wishes Sannam Chopra and Archetype Deusigns a stylish ascent to the top of the fashion scene.