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Pallavi Modi, Founder, Diseno Design House

Tuesday September 01, 2009 , 3 min Read

Pallavi Modi’s Diseno is all set to usher in a revolution in the world of designs. Aspiring to set high standards for the entrepreneurs to follow suit, this design house provides effective design solutions to its clients looking to opt for a facelift. The scores of services it provides includes logo design, corporate identity design, package design, collateral design, in-store merchandising design, POP design, website design and similar other solutions. A pioneer in the field of design, Diseno was conceptualised considering the increasing demand for creative advertisement and artwork in various industries. The enterprise’s primary objective is to cement the gap between clients’ need and their positioning in the market. 

What differentiates Modi’s business enterprise from other similar ventures in the field is its price competitiveness, product quality and high-end services. “We are a start-up in an arena where our services have a hidden demand. Our task involves identifying those needs and fulfilling them. We also have plans to tie-up with advertising agencies to increase our visibility in the market. After creating a demand for services, we intend to pitch clients directly,”

Modi’s expansion plans for the company are simple and well-defined. Starting with Chandigarh, she plans to tie-up with advertising agencies and, after six months, pitch clients directly by offering them reasonable deals. Once the company earns a reputation in the market, Modi intends to expand its presence in other cities in the country. 

“Being an entrepreneur provides satisfaction to my heart and mind. This I realised when I started switching jobs every two months. The mundane 9-5 job is meant for people who want to settle down in life not for those who crave for challenges to give them a high. I wanted to learn at every stage of my life and this opportunity I got after striking out on my own,” said Modi while talking about why she chose to be an entrepreneur. 

In fact, the biggest challenge for Modi is to try not to commit a big mistake, in which she has succeeded so far. The enterprise is still in its initial phase and is yet to come across its biggest achievement. But the fact one of her partner, who handles the designing part, has been recognised as the best designer in the region. His exposure and education is limited, but his expertise in designing is unrivalled. 

Asked if tribulations and challenges ever compelled her to give up the venture and look for a regular 9-5 job, Modi said, “Times have been trying, and have made me reconsider my decision to establish myself as an entrepreneur. But when I look back and see how far my determination has got me, I regret letting the thought enter my mind. I would never want to walk on a path already cleared by someone.”        

It was her entrepreneurial zeal and the challenge to create an identity for herself that kept her going through the journey to success. And now that she is at the helm, she envisions unleash the power of imagination, to come up with a unique visual persona for each of her clients.

To the budding entrepreneurs who aspire to follow her footsteps, Modi says, “Have patience and socialise with as many people as you can. Their guidance can be a window to success.