TiEcon Delhi 2009 held at Taj Palace, New Delhi

Saturday September 19, 2009,

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TiEcon Delhi 2009, one of India’slargest entrepreneurship conference held at The Taj Palace, New Delhi. The conference was kicked off with a welcoming note by Dr. SaurabhSrivastava Chairman Emeritus, The Indus Entrepreneurs, (TiE), New Delhi followedby an inaugural address by Mr. P. Chidambaram, HomeMinister, Ministry of Home Affairs. Mr P. Chidambaram’s address was followed byan address by Sir Richard Stagg, KMCG, British High Commissioner. The speakers addressed a delegation of 1000 people attending this session. TiEcon Delhi 2009 is a landmark conference which brings together an array of people from a variety of industries and societies to debate complex issues and foster new ideas.

Inaugurating the TiEcon Delhi 2009, Mr. P.Chidambaram, Home Minister, Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India said, “Entrepreneurship is a difficult word to define, an entrepreneur has a difficult path to choose and a difficult path to tread. Many succeed and many fail. An entrepreneur who trips and falls down once; if he is a true entrepreneur will pick himself up and walk the same path or a different path with greater determination. An entrepreneur chases a dream, pursues an idea, and seeks a goal. So I think there is much to be said about entrepreneurship and any organization which promotes entrepreneurship rather than simple businesses.

Thanking the Home Minister for his inaugural speech, Mr. Pramod Bhasin, President & CEO, Genpact said “there is a need for entrepreneurs and the government to work as partners and help the country move forward. The census of a 1.1 billion people in a brief time is a remarkable idea that only a county like India can take forward.” He also added, “The Indian entrepreneurs have looked outwards but are now looking inwards, very carefully and deeply.”

The main focus of TiE Delhi’s 10th anniversary, entrepreneurship conference is to inspire and educate entrepreneurs on aspects that impact the entrepreneurial environment and the opportunities relevant to Indian companies, particularly those in the start up and growth phase. The entrepreneurial environment has been dampened by the onset of the recession. Numerous budding entrepreneurs who were upbeat about their business propositions prior to the recession were forced to stall their plans due to lack of funds; however many smart entrepreneurs did weather the affects of the recession. The two day conference highlights the need of ““Smart Entrepreneurship in Challenging Times” through:

 Panel sessions designed to focus on the opportunities & challenges thrown up by the recent economic situation.

Relevant entrepreneurial stories & experiences across sectors/regions interspersed in the various sessions, with emphasis on the things they did right.

Guru Sessions

Renowned industry leaders added invaluable insights at the several sessions that took place at the conference. A few of them being, Mr. Vikram Bakshi, Chairman-Ascot Hotels & Resorts & Managing Director & JV Partner, Connaught Plaza Restaurants, Mr. Santee Bikhchandani, Co Founder and CEO, Naurki.com, Mr. Naveen Munjal, Managing Director, Hero Electric, Mr. Deep Kalra, Founder and CEO MakeMyTrip.com, Mr. Varun Sahni, Country Head Acumen Fund, Mr Amir Alexander Hasson, Founder and CEO United Villages.

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