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Farrhad, Founder, Rockstah Media

Friday October 16, 2009 , 4 min Read

Budding ‘Rockstah’ of the entrepreneurial world
While most 15 year-olds struggle with school and the demands of those adolescent years, this youngster handles more than what most adults do or possibly can. Though Farrhad answered his ICSE examination only recently, he is one of India’s youngest entrepreneurs. In addition, he has been ranked by micro-blogging and social networking website Twitter as one of the country’s mos-followed ‘Twitterers’.

Farrhad is the founder of Rockstah Media, a web development firm that satisfies clients’ media needs. His experience and youthful perspective are best summed up by his description of his work: “We conceive, conceptualise, visualise and materialise awesomeness on the web. We offer top-of-the-line custom website designs and even market sites and products — from scratch to the sky.”

The internet as we know it has more than its share of websites; and Farrhad believes that to be noticed, one needs more than just a few nice pictures. “Every day, thousands of websites are created. People nowadays understand the importance of professional websites, which stand out from and give them as edge over the rest. This is what Rockstah Media is targeting for is clients. We also offer marketing services, which means that we are a complete service station. And being noticed online brings added value,” this young entrepreneur said.

Farrhad may appear to have started off in a hurry, but he denies any attempts at increased entrepreneurial velocity. “Well, I am in no hurry, but I surely want steady and noticeable growth in the long run. Creativity, confidence, zest and passion — this combination will surely take my company to those heights,” he said.

It is a common belief that if you know what you want to do for the rest of your life, then success is a surety. Farrhad is proof of this statement, and says, “All I will say is, temperamentally, I know I am an entrepreneur.”

Balancing a busy school life with the challenges of running an entrepreneurial venture is a difficult task, one that Farrhad seems to have carried out to perfection. “My main challenges are the paucity of time and trying to multi-task. As a student, I have to dedicate time to my studies and other commitment, which leave me little opportunity for me to indulge in my other work. But, thankfully, I have a lot of support from my home, which I am grateful for,” he said.

Farrhad jovially describes the learning curve of entrepreneurship, saying that “just a few pebbles in the sand have served as learning experiences. I enjoy what I do and it has never really been like work. I am passionate about it and I just keep moving forward.”

Entrepreneurship may be his chosen vocation, but Farrhad has greater plans. “I have never really considered a regular job. But yes, I want to pursue my education and study chartered accountancy and law hopefully, as this I feel it will surely be an added asset,” this young entrepreneur said.

Farrhad believes that his work speaks for itself and the sustained growth of Rockstah Media is testament to its achievements. “People have appreciated us and give us work regularly, mostly by word of mouth, which is what gives me a boost, immense satisfaction and happiness,” he said.

For our entrepreneurs-to-be who wish to emulate our entrepreneurial prodigy in satisfaction and happiness, Farrhad offers some advice: “Never hesitate when you stumble on an idea. Lost time and opportunities will never come back.

“There will be times when you start a project that you thought would have skyrocketed, but completely fails. But remember, it is always darkest before the dawn. If you achieve success early, do not let it intoxicate you.” believes that the promise and potential that Farrhad shows will shine even brighter with the passage of time. We wish him success and growth in all of his ventures, and hope to see his prodigy come to fruition.