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Calling all programmers

Wednesday December 30, 2009 , 4 min Read

Here is a way to develop new applications for the ever growing netbook market and monetize your workIntel Atom Developer Program is an initiative by Intel to encourage independent software vendors and developers. The program provides a framework for vendors and developers to create and sell their applications for netbooks, handheld devices and smartphones. Intel hopes to fuel the growth of Atom based products designed for the mobile lifestyle.

What is the Intel® Atom™ Developer Program?

  • Provides developers with everything they need to create and then sell their applications to millions of Intel Atom-based devices.
  • Gives OEMs and the ecosystem a framework to deliver great new applications directly to consumers.
  • The Developer Program is part of a larger system, which includes:
  • A web site designed specifically for the netbook application developer community.
  • A validation process for validating and approving your applications to be deployed through the system.
  • Partner application stores to make your applications available to customers.
  • A client running on customers’ netbooks, which connects customers to the application stores.

What is the business model? How do I make money?

  • Developers will set the price for their applications, and receive upto 70% of the revenue from every sale from every store. Infrastructure operational expenses and partner revenue will be covered from the remaining portion.
  • Developers can choose to use some of their revenue in exchange for things like promotion
  • Developers can also build and sell application components the Developer Store in exchange for a % share of revenue from every application sold which uses their component.

What is available today?

  • Today developers and ISVs can join and become members of the Intel Atom Developer Program. As a member, developers will have access to technical information and updates, and can create components and applications for the Intel Atom Developer Program.
  • To submit an application and take full advantage of revenue-generating opportunities you must use the Intel Atom Developer Program Beta SDK.
  • In-app upgrades are prohibited at this time. All application upgrades must be submitted through the Intel Atom Developer Program. In other words, if you offer a free version in the store and want users to upgrade to a pay version of your application, the pay version must be sold through the store.
  • In-app advertising, subscriptions, and links to external marketplaces for in-app purchases are permitted for a limited time. Until they become available, you are free to implement them on your own.

The program offers many advantages to the developer community. By joining the Developer Program, you are automatically connected to:

  • Other developers, where you can share information, learn from others’ experiences, and collaborate on ideas.
  • Information designed specifically for netbook application development across numerous operating systems and software technologies.
  • Tools and code that help accelerate your development.
  • Partner application stores targeted at customers looking for unique, interesting, and helpful applications they can run on their netbooks.

To provide the broadest choice of applications across platforms, the Intel Atom Developer Program will support multiple operating systems and run-time environments. Run-times enable developers to use a single code base to support multiple device platforms and avoid extensive reprogramming, thereby reducing development costs and time-to-market. Run-times such as Microsoft Silverlight allow developers to access multiple classes of customers and deliver rich applications for Windows and Moblin-based environments using a single toolset, Visual Studio and the .NET Framework. The program offers a streamlined and transparent process that will take the developer from application creation through testing and, finally, to the go-to-market stage. Intel is working with netbook original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and other partners to create application storefronts through which validated applications will be sold. The Intel® Atom™ Developer Program allows you to distribute and sell your applications to millions of netbook users. The program supports Windows* and Moblin*-based operating environments. Additional runtime and development languages will be supported in the future. Developers can learn more about the program, APIs, validation process and application store framework through

Vallabh Rao for