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Rakesh K. Sidana, Founder, and Automobile Industry

Friday December 25, 2009 , 4 min Read

“MeriCar – servicing made easy”

Any automobile owner worth their engine oil knows that a great ride depends upon the condition of the car. It does not matter if you drive a Mercedes or a Ford if you have not had it regularly serviced. Since we are agreed on the fact that your car needs servicing to be in top shape, we now present “” which makes the servicing easier and trustable. Rakesh K. Sidana is the entrepreneur and automotive enthusiast behind the concept and the venture known as “” that provides servicing and more.

The young entrepreneur explained why his site is a safe pick for car owners and what their offerings entail saying “ is a first in India, dedicated web portal for online booking of car servicing. Creating awareness and providing a web tool to car owners and car workshop dealers for online advance booking and sharing common car problems. The Premium Car Workshops are MARUTI Authorized Service Stations and Bosch Car Service centers. The team is promoting multibrand car servicing concept in India. The team is helping car owners to SEARCH neighborhood car workshops, CONNECT them to dealers, SAVE on car servicing bills.”

“The web portal is creating awareness about car care services and using web and mobile technology for online advance booking. The value proposition is to help car owners for the right car workshops and promoting neighborhood workshops. The team is building TRUST by providing high end personalized support to car owners for car servicing needs.”

“ is started operating in Gurgaon and expanded its operation to New Delhi and Noida. The team is receiving car servicing enquires daily online and providing personalized support to car owners to meet their requirements. 20 million car owners all over India can benefit from MeriCAR services.”

Rakesh decided that providing a necessary service from the comfort of one’s home would be a sure winner. After all who wants to make appointments for servicing in person? His concept not only save times but also eliminates a lot of the hassle.

“In India is the first web portal which is providing a facility to car owners to book their car servicing online. Its offline personalized support is a unique concept. The business model is to earn from memberships of premium car workshop dealers, lead generation and value added products.”

For car owners lamenting their reduced area of operation we have good news “MeriCAR” is heading your way. Rakesh announces “MeriCAR is scaling up business promoting car workshops in other cities with online “focused” directory support for car owners. MeriCAR’s unique lead generation program would also help car workshops in other cities.”

Rakesh has had a long tryst with entrepreneurship and is no newcomer to the life. He talks about his early days saying “Started career with web technology in early days in 1995 when nobody knew about the “internet” and I was keen to make a career in what is “new” in India. Wrote articles in the Times of India and IIT Magazines about web technology… the desire to do something different which can help people in India with new concepts and technology” spurred him towards entrepreneurship.

He adds “After working with clients from all over the world, as a consultant for 5 years, I came in contact with people from the Automotive Industry and got its existence in 2008. It is a product of similar thoughts to bring unique concepts in India and will benefit car owners to experience personalized support for car servicing. The team is helping car owners to send online advance booking enquires.”

Rakesh is working with an eye on the future and has plans that he will set in motion very soon. He says “MeriCAR will be promoting an online directory and making a presence in major cities like, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, and Hyderabad. Presently MeriCAR team has generated leads from NCR region and is scaling up business in other cities. Online directories will help car owners to send enquiries to any dealer in their city, but will be providing personalized support for customers from premium car workshops.”

We wish Rakesh luck with his expansion plans for MeriCar and hope to see him all over India making servicing easier for all.