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Swati Prakash, Founder, Tarot India Network

Saturday December 26, 2009 , 5 min Read

Tarot cards and Magic may sound like a moments fancy to many unbelievers but in the hands of a skilled practitioner they provide pathways to a better life. Swati Prakash is a Wiccan and an M.D. in Alternative Medicines who has channeled her entrepreneurial energies to create Tarot India Network. Her entrepreneurial mission is not just to convert the unbeliever but to give them the benefits that an alternative lifestyle can endow.Swati explained the purpose that her venture serves and what it can do for any common person saying “Tarot India Network helps people gain intuitive and spiritual awareness with focus on how to simplify, enhance and enrich life. There are regular seminars, lectures, workshops and spiritual events that help individuals gain more awareness and healing. Thousands of beginners as well as established professionals have been trained in the intuitive and healing arts and many more have taken guidance and knowledge from the consultations and talks.”

“We have also opened a metaphysical store Magick and are in the process of setting up a chain of the same. This is India's first and only store promoting Wicca and Magickal arts among other spiritual healing products, services and courses. This the only place you can find and learn to use real spells and real Magick wands so it is almost like fantasy turning real for most people.”

Her venture is a departure from the normal Tarot sessions and personal service that we find in the market. She explained why she chose a different platform for her work saying “To reach out to more people and to provide professional and entrepreneurship opportunities to my students and other members. There is a growing need for more and more intuits and healers all over the world as well as for stores that bring new age products into the light.”

Throughout history magic has had a lot of negativity and suspicion attached to it. It is no secret that in many parts of India people believe that magic is harmful and dangerous. Swati fought this prejudice to create her venture and says “To create a positive awareness of witchcraft and Magick was a challenge very well met. My focus has been to encourage people to believe in themselves and their innate power over their destiny which is nothing but their own creation.”

“I was initially unsure of whether witchcraft will be acceptable to the public. Gladly it has been accepted well in its present form as people have started believing in themselves and their own Magickal power and positive energy.”

Swati is heartened by the magical response that Tarot India is receiving and spoke on the pros and cons of her market saying “I have seen excellent growth over the years but especially in 2009 since I have started the Magick stores and created more awareness.”

“The market is developing. It is majorly unorganized and perhaps difficult to estimate. Many alternative therapists, healers and intuitive guides exist who are well studied and skilled with the right scientific techniques. Retail stores such as mine are hard to find but are existing abroad in some countries. I would love to have some market research organization study the scope and growth potential of the same. I can say that Wicca, a nature based spiritual system is one of the fastest growing religions in the world and India is gladly a part of this process.”

Since she started T.I.N. she has seen a lot of progress and cherishes the changes that her venture has bought about. “To have brought about a correct awareness of spiritual and Magickal truths to the public and to have guided people well.” Is what satisfies her most says Swati.

She is committed and steadfast in her vision to bring alternative lifestyle solutions to the forefront and reflects it in her words saying “When you have come for a purpose and a mission, it is by itself sufficient to motivate you. My work is a fulfillment of several lifetimes of research and the positive feedback I receive everyday from my thousands of clients, students, well-wishers is very rewarding.”

Our readers can expect to see more TIN stores open wherever they may live in India. Swati is looking at spreading her message and predicts “In 2010 I will begin my local expansion of the stores and training programs and in 2011 begin something abroad. I have already launched the Global Wicca Tradition that has begun to initiate individuals in the modern religion of Wicca and my mission is to spread its awareness through the world as a scientific, rational and empowering spiritual path and belief system. The global spiritual awakening of 2012 is already on its way and we are glad to be party to this process.”

Swati is wise beyond conventional standards and graciously advises to-be -entrepreneurs on attaining success saying “Tarot is closely related to nature, the goddess, god, fairies, and Magick. It is for those of you who want to create a more positive future and heal the past. It is therefore just the beginning of unleashing the wise witch or wizard within you. Be unafraid of exploring your own potential and you will see that there is a lot to learn at every step of the way if you use it as a healing tool for yourself and the world.”

Swati has embarked on a journey of entrepreneurship that is as magical as her chosen venture and we wish that fortune smiles on her and brings success to her doorstep.