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Monday January 04, 2010,

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"Web solutions for every business"

This is the motto of and to achieve that is what its owner Vinayak Sinha works for.Vinayak Sinha, an ex Delhi University student who later did his MBA, started his venture in 2001. The comapany, initially started from home, is now spread over seventeen cities all over India with its headquartes in Noida.

Advent Infosoft, a daughter-venture of the eIndiaBusiness. com group, is a customer oriented company which provides B2B solutions to small and micro enterprises. It is among the top 30 global B2B portals with a wide range of clients from all over the world.

Advent InfoSoft is a value driven company in the field of website designing & development, software development, online business development & search engine optimization. One of the leading web service provider from Delhi-NCR since a long time, with numerous successful presentations and satisfied users across diverse industries, it is a positive web development company.

Advent infosoft provides a e-solutions for SME's and their sustainable growth. "we aim to improve on our efforts in the coming years," says Vinayak.

The venture which is a subscription based service, has more than a hundred employees spread all over India. Vinayak, an ex IndiaMart employee humbly says that they have over four thousand paid customers and more than four lakh beneficieries all across the planet.

In the coming years the company promises to get better and increase its number of clients as well as achieve better visibility.

On being asked about how did it all start and how did he decide to become an entrepreneur Vinayak says that he was used to this kind of exposure and had a knack for high risk experience. "Higher risk comes with a hint of higher gain.... which is what has always kept me excited...."

He started this venture with almost no initial capital. He worked from home for a couple of months, made some capital and invested it back into his brainchild. On his way, the biggest challenge for him so far was establishing his company and make it grow.

Though he had a few hiccups, Vinayak stayed steady on his seat and has long covered ground for all of it. A domain name as eIndiaBusiness made him feel restrained just to the national user audience; however he overcame this by establishing a new domain Trade2Gain which already has more than hundread foreign clients! Kudos!

The company that boasts of a growth trajectory of about 30-40 % per year, is always aiming to better its services and exchanges with its users.

"Self satisfaction is what I always aimed for.... it is what I have been working for and so far that has been my biggest reward," he humbly adds.

Vinayak has a passion for his work and "he does what he likes and likes what he does". In the coming few years he aims to have more than ten thousand clients from all across the planet.

For the upcoming entrepreneurs Vinayak says "think about your idea.... have faith in it and then stick to it.... with a little patience you will see your efforts rewarding you.... ".

Yourstory wishes Vinayak a successful journey through the work he has chosen. We hope to see eIndiaBusiness growing bigger and better with time.

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