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Tuesday February 16, 2010,

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All solutions for your mobile worries!"Nine to five jobs are unidimensional." This is the precept of Munish Bansal who entered the world of entrepreneurship in August 2007 and never looked back. Doing so gave him the oppurtunity to use all aspects of his personality and create his dream company Mobicules Technologies.

Mobicules provides web and mobile application development services, constantly learning about the best of breed technology and platforms, and keeping up with the very quickly evolving area of mobile and web application technology. They provide application development services, and engage with clients in various models like fixed billings, T&Ms and revenue/profit sharing models.

Their clients come from a variety of backgrounds, ranging from technology ventures and start-ups, to some of the most prestigious brands around. They have been able to evolve quickly to serve clients with extremely varied needs by quickly adapting themselves to their requirements.

"We have been able to work out different, and sometimes, very innovative working models with our clients, and this again, has been made possible by our ability to adapt to our client's needs, and the desire to make deals happen" says Munish.

So far Mobicules has developed a wide array of consumer internet and mobile products for its client, ranging from social networks and travel sites to social network applications, branding campaigns and some very interesting mobile phone applications. It has over twenty clients spread across US, Europe and India, and products and solutions built by them have now been used by over a million people across the world.

"Due to an excellent team, we have been able to expand our expertise in many technology areas very quickly, and developed our own home-grown processes which are just what is needed to help our excellent technical team perform to their best." says Munish.

He is certain about the future plans of Mobicules Technologies as they aim to scale up by strengthening their business development processes, project execution processes and recruitment processes. Munish wants to see Mobicules become a hundred people company, at the same time acquiring deep expertise in all areas they work in, and quickly expanding their services into new and promising technology areas.

According to Munish a nine to five job never give you the rush and the oppurtunity of doing what one really wants to do, so from the beginning he wanted to be an entrepreneur with a difference. Right from the time he started his venture he was very sure about the kind of people he wanted to hire. He wanted his team to be excellent in technology and completely honest and with whom he could foster mutual respect within the company. And now they have reached a size of more than thirty people without diluting these core values at all.

"We are different from other ventures because of our people, and that reflects in all aspects of our business technology, processes, client interaction and business development. We have been able to bring in a special edge into all of these because of our excellent team." says Munish proudly.

It was not an easy ride for Munish and his team members. Mobicules was started wit his and his partners savings from their last job. They went through many challenges, the biggest one was going through the funds crunch they hit upon after leaving their jobs and starting up. Munish also recalls the mistakes he made intially. He says "The biggest mistake was not to fully offload the non core jobs to a capable administrator or a company."

Besides the ups and downs Mobicules has their customer satisfaction as their biggest recognition.

From being the company with three team members and zero client to thirty team members and twenty clients is a remarkable achievement.

This all happened because of Munish's ideology. According to him there is no right or wrong time to become a full time entrepreneur. Though he feels that the need for better incubators and right kind of ecosystem is required for a company of size less than twenty people. He wants to counsel the budding entrepreneurs and says " Have conviction in your decision and stick to it. If you are smart and hard-working you are bound to taste success. You do not necessarily have to do something that nobody else has done before. You just have to out think the competition. If nobody else in the world is doing what you plan to do, then think twice."

YourStory wishes Munish and Mobicules all the luck in their coming years and hopes that they keep striking the success deals.

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