reMail has been acquired by Gmail

Thursday February 18, 2010,

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reMail was started by Gabor Cselle in November 2008. Gabor has been working on email for years: He built Gmail features while at Google, did email research in grad school, and was the VP Engineering at Xobni. Gabor has a Master's degree in Computer Science from ETH Zurich. He will be joining Google in Mountain View as a Product Manager on the Gmail team.

What is reMail?

reMail downloads all your email to your phone and lets you search it at light speed.reMail is fast, full-text email search. With all emails on your phone, you can use it offline.

ReMail the app has already been discontinued from the iTunes App Store, but here are some ways it could impact Gmail in the future anyway. The core feature of ReMail was full-text search of all the emails inyour Gmail or other online inbox, even when you were offline.

The Reboxed application that sorts your contacts by priority was really interesting. It was like a little game that scrolled through your contacts, displayed two at a time and asked you to prioritize one over the other. Your individual ratings and the aggregate ratings of particular email contacts across all ReBoxed users were then used to bring emails from high-priority senders to the top of your inbox. It was a really fun little feature.

While many data-centric startups would have just picked up email prioritization based on implicit behavior (whose emails you open and reply to) there was something to be said for allowing explicit rankings in a game-like setting. Whose emails are more important to you, your boss's or your mom's?





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