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Sunday February 14, 2010,

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Microsoft® WebsiteSpark™ is designed to ignite the success of professional Web developers and designers. The program enables you to get software, support and business opportunities from Microsoft at no upfront costs for 3 years or exit from the program.

Program Benefits

WebSiteSpark provides access to a technology offering for development and production hosting of websites. Once enrolled, you can download the following software from Microsoft:

* For design, development, testing and demonstration of new websites – for a total of up to three users per Web design and development company:

o Visual Studio Professional

o Expression Studio 3 (1 user) and Expression Web 3 (up to 2 users)

o Windows Web Server 2008 R2

o SQL Server 2008 Web Edition

* For production use – that is, to deploy and host new websites developed using Program software – using a total of up to four processors per Web design and development company, of the following (physical or virtual) dedicated servers:

o Windows Web Server 2008 R2

o SQL Server 2008 Web Edition

In addition to software, Microsoft WebsiteSpark offers Web development and design companies the opportunity to:

* Get Business Opportunities: Get opportunities to expand your customer base and drive new business through showcasing your capabilities and connecting with partners, by featuring your talents in Microsoft marketing and business networking vehicles.

* Get Support and Training - benefits include:

o 2 professional support incidents

o Free online training Managed newsgroups on MSDN (a community of over six million developers) and other Microsoft online properties

o Access to broad community support through connections with Network Partners, Hosting Partners and peers with complementary services and technologies

Program Features

1. Eligibility Requirements: An eligible Web design and development company must have the following characteristics at the time of joining:

* A professional service firm whose primary business is providing Web development and design services for its clients, with

* no more than 10 members (including owners and employees).

* In addition: To be eligible to continue to participate in the Program, the company must deploy a new public and Internet-accessible website developed using Program software within 6 months from Program enrollment, and report it and other new websites through the WebsiteSpark Portal.

2. Term: Eligible Web development and design companies can participate in WebsiteSpark for up to 3 years. On the first and second anniversary of initial enrollment, they must update their enrollment (e.g., confirm they haven't gone public and their ownership hasn't changed).

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