Swapna Sundar, Founder, IP Dome: IP Strategy Advisors

22nd Mar 2010
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“IP Strategy Advisors safeguard Intellectual Property”

Safeguarding the fruits of your grey matter has been a bone of contention for many creators. Intellectual Property is a touchy subject and there are many differing views on this. However, if you seek to safeguard the fruit of your labor, then Swapna Sundar, a young entrepreneur from Chennai, has the solution for you. Her venture IP Dome is a key IP Strategy Advisor and your best bet to achieving a firm lockdown on your intellectual creations that are worthy of getting registered as a patent.

How has IP Dome turned Intellectual Property into an entrepreneurial opportunity?

IP Dome advises people who possess Intellectual Property* to

* identify

* protect

* value

* leverage and

* monetize IP and

* to increase profitability through linear and non-linear revenue.

IP Dome also helps IP holders to collaborate through IP exchange and enabling wider access to target markets.

(Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights, Designs, Know-how, trade-secrets, confidential information, data, profiles, brands, goodwill and any other intangible property that builds their competitive edge.)

What benefits do you bring to your clients?

We operate at ‘the intersection of the Law, the Lab and the Market’ (copyright and trademark pending). We bring our competencies in the three areas to benefit the client’s IP strengths. We currently have about 15 patents in our portfolio and about 200 trademarks. Several entities and individuals consult us on a regular basis, apart from four clients who use our advisory services on a monthly retainer, including one research facility associated with a reputed university. 

Why should one prefer IP Dome over other IP service firms?

What sets IP Dome apart from other IP service firms is that our IP strategy services also leverage intangible assets in the expanded meaning of the term IP such as internal or business process IP (IP-IPTM) and logistics and operations (EP-IPTM). This means that we can offer our services to industries or professionals who don’t do product development, design or invention. Labs, professional service firms, logistics providers, shipping companies etc. would benefit from our strategy design.

Our business relies on creative engineering of the business to solve issues or satisfy needs of customers and other stake-holders. We analyze the company to identify its deficits – legal, creative, IP related, regulatory requirements etc. and provide strategies that would put the company on the growth curve. 

Why did you choose to be an entrepreneur?

I want to create my work. I want a big challenge and big rewards. This gives me space to be patient while I build my opportunities for rewards.

What has been the most difficult thing to learn about entrepreneurship?

I did not realize the importance of networks earlier. I am overcoming it by creating a space where people can come together to meet and exchange notes and thereby create a strong network of people from different backgrounds and industries.

What does the future look like for IP Dome?

It is a young company and we are seeing steady growth in its clientele and reputation.

It isn’t the kind of company that immediately needs a number of employees. I work with our litigation partners, PVS Giridhar & Sai Associates, Advocates who have ten lawyers and several paralegals on their rolls. I also work with several freelancers and consultants in other domains since IP is largely an inter-disciplinary endeavor. 

What made you feel that IP Dome had finally arrived?

High-profile clients like 3i Infotech and Anna University KBC Research Center seeking our advice on their IP Strategy.

How well known is IP Dome and what does this mean to you?

Recognition comes when clients appreciate the value of our services and invite us to play a larger role in their organizations. Several business organizations like the CII and business schools like Great Lakes Institute of Management Studies have invited me to address conferences on IP. The MSME Directorate of the Central Government has invited to teach courses for SMEs in IP management and Branding Strategy.

What should an Entrepreneur never neglect?

Network and collaborate. Aspire to give value in every interaction generously.

YourStory believes that IP Dome is a solid bet when it comes to Intellectual Property and all its accompanying legalities. We wish Swapna good fortune and hope to see her work help many more in the days to come.

To visit IP Dome website click here

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