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Friday May 14, 2010,

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Techniques and Trends - Ashwin Razdan

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This book is a treat for those specializing in Internet marketing. Young web enthusiasts will get an opportunity to have all forms of new media in one single book. They could learn 'how to implement and execute an online campaign?' and 'what can be the expected results?'

Students studying marketing, media or Internet will find this book extremely helpful in finding new avenues to market their products and understanding the current trends and means of promotion.

Ideally been written for growing creative minds, the language is simple to understand; examples and case-studies after each chapter give the reader a practical view of the implementation of various forms of new media.

The book describes 25 different forms of new media initiatives which include blogs, wikis, social networking, RSS feeds, online radio, I-TV and many more. It also includes the responses these initiatives have got and explains how it has been useful for many companies in different segments.

One of the most important chapters of the book is RoNMI—Return-on-New Media Investments—that explains how new media can be evaluated, what a marketer can expect and how he can improve it.

The book also lists a few universities with courses that can be availed by new media aspirants.

This book is a great guide and a reference book for those who wish to learn the best practices in online promotion and explore the Internet as an advertising or promotional platform.


Ashwin Razdan is a marketer and a New Media enthusiast. He holds a Degree in Computer Science Engineering, with specialization in Internet and E-commerce, from AIUMT in California.

He currently works for Cyber Media (India) Ltd., where he implements online promotional campaigns to market the publishing services of the company worldwide.

He has also worked for other well-known media houses such as Jasubhai Digital Media (New Delhi, India) and Sterling Media (Dubai, UAE). The clients that he has serviced in the past include the Dubai Government, Reebok India, Yahoo India, Pepsi India and SX4 (Maruti).

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