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NewsX Announces New Brand Name: IMN News

Tuesday May 11, 2010 , 3 min Read

~ India’s Latest English News Channel will assume a new brand identity ~

New Delhi, May 11, 2010: NewsX has announced that it will re-launch itself with a new identity. The channel’s new name will be Independent Media Network News, or IMN News. The new brand identity is another step in NewsX’s ongoing process of realigning and revitalizing itself after its acquisition in January 2009.

The new brand name will be accompanied with an entirely new look, including new sets and a new on-air presentation style, giving the channel a comprehensive makeover. The new brand name and look have been developed by Argentina-based Stein Branding, one of the foremost design houses in the broadcast world, and the new sets have been created by James Yates Design in New York.

The new-look channel will be unveiled within a few months, and be accompanied with a similarly redesigned website, IPTV service and mobile TV.

Announcing the new brand, Mr. Jehangir S. Pocha, Co-Promoter, INX News Pvt. Ltd., which owns NewsX said, “This is an important milestone in the evolution of the channel. The name IMN News is the result of months of research, experimentation and analysis of TV viewership patterns and needs. A lot of hard work was put into this by our team as well as IMRB, which helped us with research and testing. The name IMN News accurately reflects our thinking and values. The word ‘Independent’ reflects how we are independent in thought, of political affiliation and ideology, and appeals to modern India’s sense of personal, economic and intellectual freedom. The word ‘Media’ underscores that we are present on multiple platforms, such as the web, IPTV and mobile TV services, and the word ‘Network’ represents our future ambitions.”

NewsX’s Executive Vice President, Monjit Sharma said “The IMN News brand name will end all previous association NewsX had and will allow the channel to establish itself as an independent identity in the news space.

NewsX’s Assistant Vice President - Marketing, Gareth Thomas said, “The name NewsX received a mixed response from viewers. IMN News has proved very appealing in tests with viewers, advertisers and the trade, and it accurately represents our core values.”

Since January 2009 NewsX has undertaken a number of steps to realign and restructure itself. It has strengthened and expanded its management, news and programming teams, which today include some of the best and most respected professionals in the industry. This has allowed the channel create some of India’s best and most-watched news programming. The channel has also moved quickly to stay ahead of the changing technology landscape; it is the only channel in India to be available LIVE on Television (digital and analog), internet and mobile simultaneously. At the time of the re-launch there will be further changes across the channel’s distribution, content, and operations.

About INX News Pvt. Ltd.

INX News Pvt. Ltd, is wholly owned by Indi Media Company Pvt. Ltd., a venture co-founded by Vinay Chhajlani, an entrepreneur with interests in IT, new media and regional media, and Jehangir S. Pocha, a senior editor with years of global experience in media and business, and the former Editor of Businessworld magazine. Vinay Chhajlani is also the CEO of NaiDunia Media Pvt Ltd and founder of

‘NewsX’ wordmark is the trademark of INX News Private Ltd.