Amit Kaushal, Founder, Rubikscube Consulting Private Limited

Friday July 02, 2010,

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“Rubikscube- solving your management puzzles”

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The simple yet elegantly complex Rubik’s cube has confounded many a young brain. It is thus apt that a company that purports to solve complex management problems be named after the puzzle itself. Amit Kaushal is the young entrepreneur who launched his dreams into reality with Rubikscube Consulting.He bared his aspirations and entrepreneurial stratagems in an affirmative conversation with Yourstory.

What services does Rubikscube offer to their clients?

We are a Mumbai based management consulting company supporting MNC’s and Indian companies in the area of Strategy, Operations and Human Resources. We are a team of IITians who are solving complex management problems. Our consulting interventions have been delivering large scale cultural transformations while improving business results, systems, processes and people in a very short span of time. We follow a collaborative consulting approach where we work with every level of client’s organization and bring a real time and sustainable improvement. We have been consulting in many sectors like FMCG, Chemicals, Steel, Automobile, Construction Chemicals, to many a few.

Our primary scope and focus are business entities. However, we also support individuals on a need and opportunity basis. So far, we are able to improve working lives of close to 1000+ people in India and abroad and; this number is increasing every month.

How do you deliver beyond what all the other “consulting firms” offer?

Few differentiators of our consulting business are:

a) Delivering Breakthrough Improvements in business performance. Consulting beyond advisory and gyan.

b) Providing sustainable solutions. This is to ensure that client keeps on getting benefits even when we are NOT engaged.

c) Providing extra value for money (EVFM) to all our clients. Our typical results are on 1: 2 to 4 basis. For every INR 1 that client spends on us we are able to give INR 2 or 4 back.

d) Combining process improvement with people improvement. Since process/systems can not be changed if people are not changed wrt Knowledge, Skill and Attitude.

e) Significant linkage of our professional fees with results. We are NOT successful if our clients are not achieving the desired level of success.

What do you plan to turn your business into?

Our Vision is to become an end to end professional services company over a period of time. We intend to focus on other sectors, services and regions in India and abroad over a period of time. We intend to grow at a slightly lesser same pace (900% + is an unrealistic no.), one more global assignment, one more service line, double the team size.

Why is an entrepreneur’s life preferable to a 9-to-5 job for you?

Thrill and excitement! None of my days are similar. Every day there is a new challenge waiting round the corner and I have started looking forward to all of them.

9 to 5 jobs are good but they are not very challenging. I don’t like monotony. I prefer taking up challenge and leap frog the expectations. Finally, it is a matter of individual preferences and priorities. For running this planet we need all kinds of personalities.

What has been the biggest hurdle so far and how did you clear it?

Initially the biggest challenge was in getting business. We did not have any significant credentials of our own. We changed our consulting model as a WIN – WIN for ourselves and our potential clients.

I have felt like giving up some times; particularly when we were experiencing zero cash flows for 3 months in continuation.

What Rubikscube achievement makes you happiest?

Growing profitably! We were able to meet all the possible milestones and are able to get our full consulting fees.

We were flying below the radar and have been planning our visibility initiatives. We will start participating in award competitions now.

Which personal achievement defines you as an entrepreneur?

I have received many awards during my school and at IIT days. However, the one which I still cherish was the award (You Can Make A Difference, YCMAD) at Colgate Palmolive. My team had improved production, reduced cost in a very short span of time and; we had crossed a global benchmark. I liked smiles on my team members faces and it was an amazing feeling.

What steps would you suggest to a novice for a smooth entrepreneurial journey?

There are many tips but the ones which I found very relevant in my case are:

  • Start your business in the area you are most passionate about. Since when times are NOT so good; it is your passion which keeps you going.
  • Start small and build on it, instead of having a big bang approach and then crash out
  • Have patience. It takes time for your clients to understand you and your offering. Once they are convinced they are not going to leave you.
  • Hire your first employee very carefully.

Amit Kaushal seems to have figured out the Rubik’s cube that entrepreneurship can sometimes be and we are sure that the success he seeks is not far off. Yourstory wishes Amit the very best in life and luck.

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