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Wednesday July 07, 2010,

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Socialize Your Cause is a social media consulting team comprised of internet marketers who saw businesses making great strides within the social media sphere and wanted to spread the wealth to the folks who actually deserve the wealth, Non-Profit Organizations.Socialize Your Cause exists to help non-profit & charity organizations better navigate the Internet and ever-growing social media sphere. We are here to help guide your organization through the vast ocean, that is the Internet, to further your organizational goals, tell your story, and activate people to join your cause.


YourStory spoke to David Wells, founder Socialize Your Cause. He is a digital marketing and social media strategist focused on helping NPOs and charities get a better grip on social media to further their cause.


1) Tell us more about socializeyourcause

Socialize Your Cause exists to help educate nonprofit organization and charities on how to better leverage the social web. Their is massive potential in using their emerging media platforms and we want to help organizations use these tools and sites to connects and engage with their supporters and spread the message.

2) Tell us about the services you offer

We have a social media marketing platform that anyone (NPO or not) can leverage to manage their social media marketing more effectively. (Signup page for our platform). We recently launched a program to viraly expand the reach of organizations facebook fan pages, the Donate Your Friends Project. This project leverages the power of the donors social graph and suggests the NPOs fan page to their friends, vastly expanding their reach within facebook. We also offer social media consulting services for NPOs and Charities and custom web design for organizations in need of a web site.

3) Why the focus on social businesses/non profits

Ever since I can remember, I have always had this internal struggle on whether to focus my energies on making a lot of money or making a difference. With Socialize Your Cause, I am trying to make a happy median in the middle of each. I think that far to many people live their lives working at high paying jobs that they hate. Living your life not enjoying your work and slaving away looking forward to the weekend is something that I think is backwards. Why live your live waiting for 2 days a week for you to be free from your "job", why not live your live day by day doing something that you love.

4) How can social businesses/non profits benefit from this.

Whether NPOs are trying to figure our social media or are trying to find a way to manage it all we can help. We offer a variety of social media consulting services and our social media marketing platform will help organizations save time, man power, and be more productive in the social web.

5) Idea/vision behind socializeyourcause

The Vision for Socialize Your Cause is to become a hub or the go to resource for nonprofits looking into getting into social media. There is huge potential in using these new free social media platforms to spread messages to individuals who care. Never before have we seen such a democratized landscape of media and these social networks enable for NPOs and charities to spread their stories in such a power way.

6) Can you give instructions about using your platform

Converse, from Socialize Your Cause, is a social media platform that enables NPOs, Charities, businesses, and individuals to get a better grip on their online social media habits. With the Converse system you can schedule out social media messages to be posted in the future and focus more of your social media marketing efforts on engaging with influencers, talking with customers, and finding prospective buyers/donors.

With Converse you can

Manage Multiple Social Media Accounts

•Plan out Social Media Campaigns

•Schedule Social Media Messaging

•Schedule Emails & SMS

•Feed RSS into your Social Media Profiles

Services supported: Facebook, linkedin, twitter, Myspace, Google Buzz, Flickr, MobyPicture, Blogger, Wordpress, Tumblr, email, SMS, and more..... (Basically any service that gives you a custom email address to update with, we support it via our email functionality.)

Here is a long video tour and here is the shorter video explaining the platform.

We also have mobile applications (iphone/blackberry/android) currently in development that should be out soon, stay tuned on that =).

As if this weren't enough, we are also developing a twitter application that should revolutionize the way NPOs communicate with their supporters. (I can't go into too much detail on that yet)

For more info on me. Check out my site and my bio

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