Entrepreneurs training company completes 25th program, trains 335 startups

Friday August 06, 2010,

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Nurture Talent Academy (www.nurturetalent.com), India's 1st institute for training entrepreneurs announced the completion of its 25th workshop in Pune. Amit Grover, Founder, speaking on the occasion, "India as a country is booming, and entrepreneurship growing as a huge trend. When we started the company, I had few questions in mind - how to reach out to budding entrepreneurs, will our training help them, will the startups pay? But our apprehensions and concerns are getting resolved with more and more startups showing trust in our programs."

Nurture Talent Academy has conducted its programs in 7 cities now and 335 entrepreneurs have benefited from the same. The topics that have been covered include Finance for Entrepreneurs, Marketing for Entrepreneurs, Business Plan for Entrepreneurs and how to start a venture? Amit conducts the program using presentations, excel sheets, discussions, Q&As along with live interaction with VCs, angel investors and successful entrepreneurs.

The programs, which are typically 1 - day in duration, have been conducted in Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi and Gurgaon. The profile of attendees is varying, and includes working professionals, businessmen, doctors, architects, fashion designers and students. The age has varied from 18 years to 60 years, which shows there is no perfect age to start your business!

"Our vision is to help 1000 entrepreneurs start their ventures and enable the creation of 20000 jobs in the next 3-5 years", said Amit, emphasizing that this is something that drives him all day, everyday. The future plan is to take this program online as well to reach out to more budding entrepreneurs across the country.

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