Monetising Intellectual Property: IP Dome rolls out workshop in four cities from September

Sunday August 08, 2010,

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IP Dome, with Achromic Point Consulting, is conducting a one-day workshop titled Monetising Intellectual Property – Strategies for Business Success in four cities starting 24 September.

Intellectual Property (IP) is generally presumed to be a legal concept. In many organisations, the subject is handled by the Legal Department. However, law merely defines the boundaries of IP rights and delineates the pathways of enforcement and protection.

This workshop moves beyond and focuses on IP in its natural setting – namely, the market. IP is explored not as a problem of law but as a robust business solution.

Delegates will examine the strategic elements of IP towards a sustainable competitive edge that maximise revenues by multiplying revenue streams. The methodology would be interactive and experience-based, aiming at flexible learning outcomes for delegates from R&D sector, Marketing Departments, and Organisational Heads.

The benefits of attending the workshop would be:

  • Gaining an IP orientation in business strategy
  • Preparedness for the emerging Creative Economy
  • Ability to evolve agile IP policy aligned to business goals
  • Sharper understanding of the market for the researcher and keener understanding of technology for the marketing personnel
  • IP as dialogue between corporate departments that breaks through the boundaries of department roles

Venue and dates:

24th September: Mumbai

29th October: Bengaluru

12th November: Chennai

26th November: New Delhi

For details, brochures, and to register for the event, please contact Swapna Sundar, CEO, IP Dome @ [email protected]

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