YourStory’s TechSparks Special - Ask Your Question: Do you have questions for C V Prakash, Gradatim IT Ventures?

Wednesday August 11, 2010,

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C V Prakash will answer your queries on August 13 at Microsoft Canaan TechSparks, the YourStory eventMicrosoft Canaan TechSparks 2010, the flagship event in partnership with CNBC-TV18 Young Turks, is featuring a panel discussion on Product Technology: Investment, Opportunities and Challenges. Eminent people from the investor space, technology space, and of course the bloodline of businesses -- the media -- form our esteemed panel. Charles Assisi, Executive Editor, Forbes India; Alok Mittal, MD, Canaan Partners; Shailendra Singh, MD, Sequoia Capital; Girish Joshi, Head, Microsoft Bizspark; Ravindran Govindan, Executive Chairman, Mercatus Capital, Singapore; C V Prakash, Founder and CEO, Gradatim IT Ventures; Prashant Choksey, cofounder, Mumbai Angels; Jaspreet Singh, founder and CEO, Druva; and Shereen Bhan, executive editor, CNBC-TV18 are part of this panel. are part of this panel.

To set the tone for the discussion in the lead up to the event, YourStory came up with the idea of Ask Your Question, specifically aimed at people who will not be able to make it to the event.

Today, we have immense pleasure in introducing C V Prakash, CEO and Founder, Gradatim IT Ventures, to you.

Prakash CV is the Founder and CEO of Gradatim IT Ventures. Gradatim, a pioneer in the Business Process Utility (BPU) space, delivers evolutionary, on demand business process utilities to customers across industries. Robust industry strength technology platforms which form the underpinning of Gradatim's delivery makes Gradatim capable of managing parts of customer’s business in an efficient and cost effective manner.


Today, having select business processes being managed by an outsourced partner has become the norm for improving operational efficiency. Evolution of Business Process Utilities has taken this phenomenon one step ahead. BPU represents an evolution of outsourcing, driven substantially by advances in technology like Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Process on Demand.If you have any questions for C V Prakash, please submit them along with your name (mandatory) and email (mandatory) in the comments column. Questions without proper attribution (name and email address) will be rejected. Selected questions will be asked during the panel discussion and a summary of questions and answers will be featured on YourStory after the event.

About Ask Your Question: A YourStory Initiative

We know only a limited number of people can make it to Microsoft Canaan TechSparks 2010. For those of you unable to make it directly to the event, Ask Your Question is our initiative to involve you in the conversation at TechSparks. So if you have a question pertaining to product technology and investment, please feel free to submit them to the relevant people we feature everyday leading to the event. The selected questions will be asked at the Microsoft Canaan TechSparks 2010 during the panel discussion on August 13, 2010.

Register here if you are going to be in Bangalore on August 13.

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