5 reasons that make Simply Social a must attend

Wednesday October 20, 2010,

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Simply Social 2010
  1. The good folks at Buzzom are doing a great thing and getting together what is probably the most interesting and useful meet about Social Media that Bangalore has seen.There are going to be limited seats to this wonderful event and here are five reasons why it is a must attendThe Speakers : The speakers who have been invited to speak are people who really have a sound strategic background and also have a first hand experience on leveraging social media.This means that they will definitely add value with what they have to say and will understand and help you to work around any practical difficulties that you may have to face when trying to implement a Social Media strategy for your firm.Even the hosts are very highly qualified SMEs who are very widely known for their prowess in Social media

2. The Organizers : Buzzom are no pushovers in the Social Media space.They are one of the early proponents of Social Media and the core team that founded the company has a lot of sound technical and domain expertise in the area.Buzzom is here with very specific and crystal clear vision for Social Media in India .If anyone can help you to get on to and leverage Social Media,it is Buzzom. Everyone in the team is well known and the main characteristic of mentoring and companionship is a default part of the company culture

3. The Venue : Bangalore is hailed by many as the Indian seat of technical innovation and likened to the Silicon Valley.So the quality and technical prowess of the attendees is also going to be very high and that makes attending the event a bigger value add to everyone.After all,when you run with the leaders,you are in the lead

4. The Product : The event is not just about a gathering of minds to speculate and strategize,but also to give you a way to start and very precisely measure every step you take on your Social Media journey.The product that Buzzom is launching is one with a simple and intuitive method to start and sustain your Social Media campaign.The product has powerful and very useful features that help to translate policy into execution and then to track the ROI on the Social Media investment that you have made .In short,the product is a one step solution to all your Social Media needs

5. The Recognition : If you are part of the trendsetting group that has already turned Social Media into a success story for you or your company,then Buzzom and Yourstory.in will be happy to share your story to the world and reward you for the success you have achieved.Moreover,just the visibility in this type of a targetted and serious audience guarantees mileage and eyeballs to your Social Media story

So what are you waiting for ? Be there or be square ! Register already !

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