Ritesh A. Sarvaiya, Founder, Rikhav Infotech – The journey from Mumbai to New York

Saturday October 16, 2010,

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An Integrated Web-Solutions Company

What started as a website development company in 2006 has now morphed into a comprehensive web-based solutions provider. With over 150 talented employees and a plethora of services covering everything from Corporate Identity to E-commerce “Rikhav Infotech” has come a long way since 2006, all the way to New York to be exact. Ritesh A. Sarvaiya the founder of Rikhav Infotech says that his team is the reason for their success. They promise to “not just provide you with cutting-edge technology and competitive web strategies that not only enhance your brand but also takes you ahead of your competition.”

Yourstory learnt from Ritesh about his entrepreneurial journey and the business ideas behind Rikhav Infotech.

How has “Rikhav Infotech” used web-based communications as their core business idea?

Conceptualized in early 2006, Rikhav Infotech started as a website development company with a workforce of just 8 but highly committed young professionals. Over the years, thanks to the unwavering support of its clients and associates coupled with growing needs of internet-related services, we now offer comprehensive web-based solutions under one roof.

With the strength of over 150 hand-picked individuals spread over 8000 sq.ft sprawling office, Rikhav Infotech today offers complete web-based communications solutions like: Corporate Identity, Web Design & Content, E-commerce and Search Engine Optimization. We are committed to provide you with cutting-edge technology and competitive web strategies that not only enhance your brand but also takes you ahead of your competition.

What do you believe lies in the future for internet based services like yours?

Though internet penetration has gained tremendous momentum in the last few years in India, businesses have still not made optimum use of the medium – they still think Internet is an expense. Slowly but surely, we are working towards convincing our clients that Internet is an investment by sharing possibilities online and how it can catapult their business to the next level. We feel the best part of being in this business is it has just reached 1% of its potential – we’ve just scratched the tip of the iceberg. By showing how one can empower their business with the power of Internet, we’ve helped many a businesses to see the bigger picture and explore it to the fullest. In the coming years, we believe that we would become one of the few key players in the Industry who offers comprehensive Web-solutions under one roof.

Today, through our outsourcing network, over 300 clients are reaping the benefits of integrated and cost-effective Web-solutions. And in India, we are enhancing the online presence of brands like Dr. Batra’s, SuperCFO, Sakhi India, Magic Woman, etc.

What does your company do differently from others in the same niche?

As I have mentioned before, we are one of the few companies who offer integrated Web-solutions under one roof. Today, our services include: Web site designing, Search Engine Optimization, Online Reputation Management, E-commerce and Internet Marketing.


Globally, there are about 7000 players in the SEO arena, but only 1% amongst them can give you a 100% written guarantee about your Web site featuring on the 1st page of search engine results for the targeted keywords, and we are one of them.The Internet is the most uncontrolled medium: anybody can post anything without worrying about the veracity of facts. This may hugely affect products and services online if any negative publicity is initiated by a miscreant(s) since it may show on search engines – the single most powerful resource where people look for information. To help brands shield their online reputation and create a positive aura around it, we’ve designed fool-proof Online Reputation Management solutions. Since a month of its inception, we’ve already acquired client such as www.supercfo.com and www.drbatras.com Furthermore, our Online Reputation Management solutions include Social Media Optimization – the huge phenomenon that has swept the Internet space. Today, most players are offering these services separately.


What steps are you taking to expand your business potential?

By designing a 360 degrees marketing plan to explore the Indian market. By looking for strategic tie-ups for mutual benefits. By continuously thinking and inventing value-added solutions that keep up with the ever-changing Internet trends.

What led you to choose entrepreneurship in the internet niche?


Well, very frankly, neither I nor anyone who knew me, had dreamt that I would become an entrepreneur and reach this stage. I guess it happened at my stint at Reliance Infocomm, where I worked as an associate executive – Reliance Handsets and worked under Kiran Thomas, who was in turn, reporting directly to Mukesh Ambani. There, I could see the bigger picture and how a small idea can become huge and create lot of wealth for the country. I realized that if you have passion and belief in whatever you do, you could achieve anything. I knew that if I continue to work under somebody, I would be fulfilling his dreams – and not mine. And from that day on, I started dreaming big and never stopped.What has been the biggest road bump to your entrepreneurial progress?

Like any start-ups, funds are the single-biggest glitch in the armor. And we were no different. In spite of doing some great work, we struggled for over 10 months, but I guess perseverance pays. Finally, one of our clients – Mr. Hitesh Lakhani, who was hugely impressed by our dedication, execution and vision, offered to give wings to our dreams. And we’ve never looked back since then.

What do you believe is the motivating factor in entrepreneurship itself?

It’s the satisfaction you get when you know that you are adding tremendous value to businesses worldwide and also creating wealth for your own country. Not to mention creating employment for so many people.

What do you plan to achieve in the coming 2 years?

We aim to expand our horizons in India by providing world-class Web-solutions and to create more wealth for our country and grow to a family of 600 people working under one roof. We are already planning to acquire additional 7000 sq. ft on the same floor.

After serving around 300+ foreign clients through our outsourcing business, we are now aggressively planning to make a positive difference to the online presence of businesses in India

What are the technology platforms you are using at Rikhav Infotech?

Html, .php, MySql, iPhone and iPad application development using MAC OSX

What lesson should an entrepreneur understand in order to be successful?

An idea is as good as its execution. Lots of budding entrepreneurs believe that since they have a wonderful idea, they will become millionaires. But most of them lose their way while executing those ideas. It takes utmost determination, belief and diligence to put life in to your ideas and rock the world. So never give up guys and don’t rest until every person in the world knows you.

The TEAM @ Rikhav Infotech –

Bhavik Sarvaiya, CEO, Mehul Brahmbhatt, Chief Technology Officer, Bimal Bhatt , Chief Financial Officer, Deepal Shah, Brand Manager, Avinash Singh , Content Head, Tejal Sarvaiya, Content Planning, Jinal Shah, Creative Head, Tejashree Bobhate, Senior Programmer

Learn more on them at http://www.rikhavinfotech.com/team.php

Yourstory wishes Ritesh A. Sarvaiya success and good fortune in all his endeavors. On a more personal note he wishes to thank his team which continues to be a crucial pillar for the company and is responsible for his success.

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