Candid feedback from Entrepreneurs:YourStory’s 1M/1M Strategy Roundtable with Sramana

Friday November 12, 2010,

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YourStory’s roundtable engagement with Sramana Mitra was well received. In spite of the threat of whiplash by Sramana sounded by Dorai, the entrepreneurs did not back out. Dorai narrated how the previous guy was whipped by Sramana when he pitched to her in July. Jyoti was tested a bit and Mohan also had a lot of explaining to do. Sourabh walked away free, and Vibhor and Sachin were asked numerous clarifications.Baskar was not scheduled but he came on and did a pitch without a presentation. He could not be reached now for feedback. But we hope he enjoyed pitching to Sramana.


Vibhor Gupta and Sachin Garg, Wit Innovation/HiOnStocks

Mohan Kumar, iAccept

Jyoti Ramnath,

Sourabh Sharma,

Baskar, Mybantu (on video)

Was it useful?

Vibhor, Mohan, Jyothi, and Sourabh are unanimous that the roundtable was useful to them. Sourabh was more than happy to get visibility.

Did it give you a direction on business?

Vibhor was happy to receive advice on a few parameters to look into. Mohan felt that the roundtable awakened him to overconfident and overlooked aspects that Sramana pointed out. Jyoti was more specific that managing inventory was something she didn’t think of. And she would now work on this aspect after Sramana’s advice. Sourabh’s points were validated by Sramana.


Mohan scores the roundtable at 4 out of 5. Vibhor and Sourabh at 3, and Jyoti at 3.5. The score is due to the fact that the entrepreneurs were given only 3 minutes and did not have time to explain. Sourabh felt 15 minutes would have helped. But it’s not about time but about the real advice. The roundtable scores on this count.

Was pitching in public a problem?

Mohan felt he could not share sensitive information as it was a public pitch. Vibhor also held back a few points. Jyoti signed up after knowing it is a public platform. Sourabh was happy to make an impact in a public audience.


All entrepreneurs felt a one-on-one would have helped.

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