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Wednesday November 17, 2010,

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What is mobile TV?

Mobile TV is simply that: the ability to receive television-like content through a mobile device. Whether it’s getting news bulletins, market updates, your favorite soap or the latest sports news, in the near future, it will be possible to watch TV broadcasts on the move via your mobile phone.

How mobile TV works?

The key to making Mobile TV a reality is in combining traditional broadcast standards with features specific to handheld devices: mobility, smaller screens and antennas, indoor coverage and reliance on battery power.

Mobile TV

The technology used is called IP Data casting over DVB-H, a combination of digital broadcasting and internet protocol, which enables service reception in handheld devices. Handsets require an additional radio receiver, which is separate from the cellular receiver, to receive a signal. The DVB-H receiver is integrated in a similar manner as Bluetooth receivers in mobile phones.The system would operate separately from GSM or 3G services as users would receive content as it happens – like normal TV - as opposed to on demand.

Now what is IP Data casting over DVB-H?

IP Datacast over DVB-H is an end-to-end broadcast system for delivery of any types of digital content and services using IP-based mechanisms optimized for devices with limitations on computational resources and battery. An inherent part of the IPDC system is that it comprises of a unidirectional DVB broadcast path that may be combined with a bi-directional mobile/cellular interactivity path.

Mobile TV in India

Apalya Technology

Mobile TV

Apalya Technologies (In Sanskrit apalya means mobility) is India’s leading white-label content aggregation, provisioning and distribution platform in the Mobile Video Delivery space. Apalya’s Mobile Video Delivery Platform seamlessly streams video content to Consumers, integrating Mobile Operators, Content owners and Mobile advertisers creating new revenue streams across the New Media value chain. Apalya Technologies signed up more than 100 TV/Media companies on the platform. It is enabling mobile TV for EVDO mobile devices.Co-founders Vamshi Reddy and Shiva Bayyapunedi founded the company in November, 2005. They had a series of stint with Cisco, Nokia, AT&T. Now after five years the company falls under $1-5 million category in terms of revenue and is growing at the rate of 250% a year. The company is now in third round of funding, they previously received $3 million from Qualcomm ventures and IDG Ventures India, they received another Rs.20 million from Mumbai angels.

They broadcasted IPL 2010 live on mobile grabbing a consumer base of almost 100 million. Apalya has also won exclusive rights to broadcast for three years including 2012.

Apalya has been recognised by Business Today (India) as one of the top three hottest start ups in India and Vamshi Krishna Reddy, CEO and co-founder was awarded the Voice&Data Technovator of the Year 2010 India award.

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