IITB Eureka’s People’s Choice Award 2010-11, in association with YourStory

By Team YS|20th Dec 2010
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IITB Eureka and YourStory present People's Choice Award for the Best Business


Through this online series we intend to inspire many more young minds to start

thinking of their own business ideas and to encourage the one's who already have

to get going ahead.

Vote for your favourite idea and make them the winner.

Click here to know more about this competition

IITB Eureka’s People’s Choice Award 2010-11, in association with YourStory

Start Date: 20 th December 2010

Last Date: 12th January 2011

The finals of Eureka 2010 will take place on 6th February 2011 during

the Entrepreneurship Summit in IIT-Bombay.

1. Thewittyshit.com (harshsnehanshu) , Delhi See Detail


Rate : {extravote 1}

Our venture is a networking-cum-merchandizing online venture, which taps the grass-root

level of creativity of common people, especially people who're good with one-liners

and gives them back monetary incentives by merchandizing. The one-liner writers,

who're large in number, owing to the advent of facebook and twitter, can post their

one-liners on the website/fb page, which if liked by our users enter the 'Hall of

fame', from where we bring out a product featuring that one-liner, and the user

gets his name printed on his/her product as well as either royalty from sales or

gift vouchers. The unique value proposition for the idea is that we're giving a

chance to a common man who is not an avid writer/blogger but a good one-liner writer

to gain appreciation, get noticed and gain incentives for his creativity. Being

a networking venture, it can generate a good turnover networking-wise since the

Indian active network users is growing at an exponential rate and since we're into

merchandizing word-based products such as tees, cards, coffee mugs etc, we target

the entire Indian population, especially the youth, who would like to buy Tees and

products based on witty quotes by people like them.

2. Vivek Patel, Bokaro Steel City See Detail


Rate : {extravote 2}

Plastics end-use applications are littering everywhere in large quantity which

leads to environmental problems such as global warming, high carbon footprint, landfill,

municipality solid waste, Co2 emissions and others put forward a problem of their

further destruction/disposal after the termination of their service life. Many plastics

materials are decomposed in the environment over a relatively long period of time.

Therefore, the need of biodegradable polymer and product made of thereof is essential.

The business idea is to make biodegradable blend nanocomposite, possess low cost,

excellent physico-mechanical properties as well as excellent barrier and biodegradation

properties. Due to renewable feedstock, the said technology has a reduction in the

emission of fossil fuel–derived CO2 (Greenhouse gases & VOCs) to combat global

warming, land filling, and municipality solid waste (MSW) problems as well as leads

to cyclic processes that can be renewed over short time intervals (less than 1 year)

without perturbing the environment. We will have a dual prong strategy to generate

the revenue. Company intends to manufacture and sell the product per se. The product

being an innovative product in this field can enjoy the monopoly status for the

time to come in near future due to lack of close substitute within the price range

this product will offer. The pricing dynamics will play a critical role in this

scenario. The nature of the product can offer extremely competitive pricing, which

would be slightly higher to the existing non-biodegradable product, but will be

fraction of price (extremely low price) of the existing plastics products available

in the market.

3. Renusarath, Hyderabad See Detail


Rate : {extravote 3}

Fermentech Biologics has developed a unique biotechnological process which can enhance

the nutritive value of low value feed stocks like rice bran, rice husk, pulse husk

and other agro wastes (Named as Nutri Bran)which can reduce the feed costs drastically

and improve the milk, meat and live stock yields considerably. Nutri Bran is a high

nutritive value low cost feed for aqua culture, Poultry, Dairy and Meat animals

and has a huge market potential. There is a huge business opportunity in the Feed

manufacturing Sector in India due to relatively low barriers to entry, an extensive

market distributed all over the country, low competition, and customers looking

forward for products which can lower the feed costs and improve yields through innovative

products as conventional feed formulations and feed stocks suffer from increasing

feed stock prices, and inconsistent quality. Nutri Bran which is produced through

controlled fermentation of rice husk, rice bran, wheat bran etc., which are abundantly

available all through the year throughout the country; addresses the problem of

inconsistent quality of the conventional feed stocks, enhances their nutritive value,

improves Feed Conversion Ratios, has no anti nutritional factors, has a prebiotic

and probiotic effect on the animals, improves the yields by 30% and more, reduces

the feed costs by 20-30%, increases the profitability to the farmers. Nutri Bran

can be manufactured on a huge scale allowing a consistent price and quality through

out the year.

4. OrgaMeta, Bangalore See Detail


Rate : {extravote 4}

OrgaMeta Learning has built web based platforms and tools to facilitate correctional

instruction for individuals with learning disabilities wherein they connect with

and learn from trained special educators using globally certified methods . In order

to that we have built an online learning system along with specially adapted collaboration

tools to deliver correctional instruction in a stable learning environment. Along

with th online and also a social networking platform specially meant for individuals

with learning disabilities called DISAGUILD which helps to connect them with each

other ,parents, the web , educators and the world in general.

5. Energy Saving Team, Ahmedabad (Gujarat) See Detail


Rate : {extravote 5}

Our products that is Solar LED Streetlight, 220V LED Streetlight & Solar Power

Packs are a combination of solar energy and LED with optimal design. The value proposition

is three fold- robust controller design, optimal thermal management of LEDs and

dynamic light intensity control through GSM and Zigbee technology. With this the

solar/LED streetlights become a highly reliable and durable product lasting for

more than 10 years, which is not the case today. The dynamic change in light intensity

leads to additional power savings, for example brightening the lights during special

occasions, dimming the lights after midnight and alternatively switching the lights

off. This dynamic way of changing the light intensity would be available in both

220V and solar streetlights to result in more power savings and more attractive

pay back periods of 2-3 years. We have the expertise in choosing the right components

and sizing for optimal system integration. the material, design and overall aesthetical

value would be critical in the overall product design. This would ensure the long

lasting of our product and would also reduce the carbon emissions and lead to use

of environment friendly solar & LED technology in rural area government, institutes


6. City Abode, Dhanbad See Detail


Rate : {extravote 6}

Its an innovative way of advertising in small and medium sized cities which combines

people with website,mobile and other advertising ways.Its like a roof top on a city

to provide an interface for the people in small cities and town to learn,earn and

purchase what they want in simple and easiest way.

7. Shekhar2010!, balarampur,purulia,westbengal See Detail


Rate : {extravote 7}

FRESHFOODS quality fresh produce brings love within a couple.Give them time

to spend for each other.KEEP people aware of there fresh produce quality and taste

by the way they can think .HELP husband to bring quality fresh fruits and vegetables

while returning from office on work days and wife ordering the same on holidays

spending more time together. FRESHFOODS will provide branded fresh produce with

guaranteed quality and self life, take care of the people's worry about quality

fresh produce help them save time for there necessary work and generate revenue

taking care of there healthy life.

8. MySalonBar.com, Gurgaon(Haryana) See Detail


Rate : {extravote 8}

MySalonBar.com is your vertical search & decision management engine for the Indian

Grooming & Wellness industry. Instrumental in launching 'online reservation' as

an upgraded version of booking for ones' salon & spa appointments , MySalonBar aims

to organise the grooming & wellness industry in India. Our core is to introduce

wellness-gifting as an upcoming & yet a new gesture of gifting your loved ones a

feeling of ' well-being' , along with providing the end user to choose with the

convenience of place , time & choice.

9. Onegarious, Delhi See Detail


Rate : {extravote 9}

Wi-Fi Advertising agency to provide dynamic channel for propagating versatile offers

and information.

10. SaRaCell, Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh) See Detail


Rate : {extravote 10}

SaRa Energy plans to launch SaRa Cells based on the concept of third generation

Solar Cells , viz Dye Sensitized solar Cells (DSSCs). DSSCs extremely promising

because the cells are made of low-cost materials and do not need elaborate apparatus

to manufacture. In bulk they will be significantly less expensive than older solid-state

cell designs. It can be engineered into flexible sheets and is mechanically robust,

requiring no protection from minor events like hailstorms or tree strikes . Moreover

it can be powered in low lighting conditions as in the interiors of households,

cloudy days, mountain areas e.t.c. Initially we plan to setup small power plants

of capacity of 100 KW power plants in the remote areas for rural electrification

and further move onto urban market. SaRa Energy will be primarily a Renewable Energy

Service Provider Company (RESCO) and a System Integrator i.e. it would design, supply,

integrate, install, own and operate the SPV systems AND provide energy services

to consumers. On later stages, we shall enter urban market with the sale and installation

of Solar PV units for individual households. It would also be responsible for Operation

and Maintenance (O&M) and other ancillary services. (for lifetime of cells i.e

25 years)

11. Nandan, Panipat See Detail


Rate : {extravote 11}

The currently used cotton gauze pads are comprised of multiple layers of woven

fabric secured together in a rectangular or square shape. These pads are used to

wipe blood or other body fluids from incisions or wounds. An ideal surgical swab

should have higher absorbency, better wicking and should not contain any toxic substances.

The swab should have high wet strength with a soft feel and should provide easy

swipe during surgery whereas, the material should not shed fibres or dust particles

into wound site during application. Additionally, these swabs should create the

lowest bio-medical waste. A joint clinical and laboratory study conducted at East

Glamorgan General Hospital, UK and Surgical Material Testing Laboratory, UK has

established that the nonwoven swab has practical and economic advantages over traditional

cotton gauze owing to their ability to retain fluid and are manufactured using less

expensive raw materials. It has also been demonstrated that the nonwoven swabs are

more absorbent than that of traditional cotton gauze both on a gram/gram basis and

in terms of total absorbency of the swabs. On comparison in terms of softness, conformability,

ability to pad or pack, resistance to snagging, shredding and ease of counting when

wet, the nonwoven swab is as effective as traditional gauze. Additionally, the manufacturing

of nonwoven swab is simpler than that of a traditional gauze which involves spinning,

weaving and chemical processing. In terms of bio-medical waste, nonwoven swabs generate

a lesser amount of dump owing to higher absorbency than that of traditional gauze.

Although having aforementioned benefits, the nonwoven swabs are not widely used,

especially in the smaller dimensions (e.g. 7.5 cm X 7.5 cm or 10 cm X 10 cm). This

project aims to develop an automated machine to manufacture nonwoven swab in three-dimensional

spherical structure which could be used in place of small sized traditional woven

gauze pads. A semi-automated machine has been designed and further work is being

carried out to develop a fully automated machine for bulk production.

12. Hari Patti, Kolkata See Detail


Rate : {extravote 12}

"We are ‘SeeO2’, and we make green money. We are a young team, with a sincere vision

to create a better planet. Our main goals are highlighted as under: • Offset carbon

emissions • Provide a supplementary source of income for the rural masses • Generate

awareness; create a better standard of living • Amass huge profits for our investors

We intend to explore the relatively virgin domain of carbon credit trading in India.

This is a market which was growing rapidly even in recession-hit times. The projections

for future are remarkably encouraging. With a simple and low-cost plan, we are determined

to create a business that will expand across the vast rural population of India.

Our business idea utilises renewable resources, available in abundance, to earn

huge revenue. Our business becomes self-sustainable in its third year itself. We

are targeting to grow at a 100% rate from the first year onwards. SeeO2 will work

on the principle on sustainable development, and lend the same flavour to the economy.

Inclusive growth is the need of the day. ‘SeeO2’ will ensure that happens. We look

forward to your support and advice. Help us earn green money!

13. Ladkat Rajendra, Pune(Maharashtra) See Detail


Rate : {extravote 13}

The Multi-purpose Geothermal brick tank system, cool the room in summer and heat

it in winter by taking the advantage of the earth’s constant temperature. It also

helps to refill water table and irrigation for surrounded trees. Benefits of this

system are -simple construction & easy to install, Requires less space, Low

installation cost, low operating cost, Tax benefit as a rain water harvesting system,

Electricity savings (more than 50%)and reduce global warming. The product caters

to customers like Private & Govt. offices/Industries, Bungalows & Buildings,

Shopping malls & multiplex in 140 countries under Patent Cooperation Treaty(PCT)

The Customers in Private Sector segment will be reached via exhibition, organization

like MEDA, e-mail and telephonic conversation. For Government Sector segment it

will be reached through the energy /environment minister, Planning committee. Multipurpose

Geothermal tank system cost depends upon its capacity of tonnage and it varies from

1 Lakh to 50 lakhs. Total profit revenue initially expected from 192 major cities

in india will be 96 Crores . We will require phase wise funds from prospective investors,

based on the roll out plan and if possible the brand names for promoting the product

on a large scale.

14. ONergy, West Bengal See Detail


Rate : {extravote 14}

ONergy is a Renewable Energy Venture - providing complete energy solutions to rural

India. By creating an ecosystem which connects technologists, financiers and grassroot

organizations - to manage the needs, aspirations and resources of rural BoP beneficiaries,

and applying appropriate renewable technology effectively and creatively. We promote

lighting, cooking and electrification products to meet the energy requirement of

rural consumers. Market - 2/3rds of India (Approx 800 million people) do not have

access to reliable clean energy, be it clean cooking fuel or electricity. Lack of

energy is the core to India’s development, health, environment and security crisis.

According to WRI report, the potential market for decentralized clean energy in

Rural India is INR 97.28 billion. Mission - “ONergize” over 1 million lives by 2015

(over 200,000 Households) by eradicating use of fossil fuel like kerosene and diesel.

USP - Renewable energy centers (RECs or Shakti Kendras) provide a distribution channel

for products and services through a network of trained rural entrepreneurs in a

sustainable (also financially viable), decentralised and scalable manner. RECs are

managed by ONergy and are setup in partnership with MFI and NGOs, using the network,

infrastructure and local knowledge/goodwill of the partner.

15. The Power Revolution - Green Energy Park, Bangalore See Detail


Rate : {extravote 15}

Is there a possibility to make both income generation and grounded level environmental

awakening align together and create a difference at the grass root level, in the

hearts of aam aadhmi. The answer that we arrived upon is “The Power Revolution -

Green Energy Park” the B-plan we intend to execute. The plan proposes to generate

revenue by producing electrical energy in an environmentally safe way even in the

most inaccessible rurality. The additional gains are the valuable organic manure,

a by-product of the process which replaces the ecologically hazardous chemical fertilizers

and the complimentary advantage of eliminating solid wastes which are now becoming

a stress on the carbon balance. The plan has a solid research background. The unique

application of generic scientific processes is innovative ensuring cost effectiveness.

A guaranteed breakeven in under four years and a high ROI of 25% per annum even

under extreme stress are the commercial highlights. The most innovative aspect is

the scope it provides in the form of creation of a platform/opportunity to use this

B-plan as a research or pilot project for implementation all over the world especially

the third world rurality, that too in a way that generates effective revenue.

16. PlayCez, Hyderabad (AP) See Detail


Rate : {extravote 16}

PlayCez is fun social game that is all about locations and the emotions they bring

out in people. The game provides a ridiculously simple and extremely fun way of

sharing sentiments & reviews about locations. We all go to restaurants, movies,

pubs and different outings at different places everyday. Some of these places we

like, some we hate. Most of these places have already been visited by our friends,

but sadly there is no way to know about that. With PlayCez, every-time you express

your emotions about a place, it creates your ‘footprint’ there. And whenever your

friends visit your map, they know that you’ve been there. With PlayCez you can also

create a wish-list of places you want to go to, and share it with your friends to

know about the top things to do and see from friends who have been there. You never

know, some of your friends are already planning to go there, and you could also

find some great company. So the next time you visit a place, don’t forget to share

your emotions with your friends on PlayCez. And when you want to know about a place,

look for a review from a friend instead of some awkward review by a stranger on

a traditional review website. Well .. it’s better to give it a try than reading

a boring textual intro. And you have to meet JoJo. Now don’t ask us who is JoJo,

he will tell you about himself in the game ... we are launching on 3rd week of December.

17. Safe-Magnauto, Andhra pardesh See Detail


Rate : {extravote 17}

According to WHO sources road accident deaths superseded by AIDS by2015.More than

1,14,000 peoples/year,14people/hour in India, Globally 8,50,000 people/year and

40people/hour duo to road accidents. Millions of families are loose their sole bread

winners, due to road accidents, fatal injuries & wars. Million tons of CO2 emissions

due to accidents and traffic congestion's Globally almost every country suffers

& $ billions of property lost by this universal problem. we invented a new simple

""collision prevention technology"" that can used any kind of vehicle around the

globe. These device are controlled and automated the following primary properties

1. Electromagnetic repulsion 2. Electro magnetic field intensity 3. Bio-eMagnauto

sensors. “ The basic idea is to place electromagnetic device equipment in both ends

of the vehicles ,by the basic principle of magnetism 'Like poles repel if near(crash)

to each other'. Vehicle having same poles are created at both ends (mainly)by our

devices, so the collision chance avoided by the repulsion property.” We also include

some more specifications to accurate implementation of this technology The total

technology is protected by our rich intellectual protection system. We will penetrate

the market by time to additional features which are possible by this system technology

till now we find many advantages. market size of this technology more than $ one

trillion globally. Team: 1. Somasekhar Rao Manda P.hd+M.Tech IITB, Team leader,

2. Subba Rao Ithadi B.Tech(EEE), Team member (Product design & Development)

3. Sreehemanth.Prakhya MS (USA), Team member.(COMMERCIAL) 4.subramanyam.neralla,C.A

,Team member.

18. Abansod, Mumbai (Maharashtra) See Detail


Rate : {extravote 18}

The service is to deliver agricultural products directly at the doors of the customers.

The products are mainly vegetables and fruits which are essential to the daily life.

The service will form a network of local vegetable vendors and use their potential

to reach local families. The service will also provide monthly ensured income independent

of market fluctuations to the local vendors. The product features weekly/monthly/annual

subscriptions from the customers which ensure stability for the service. The product

is targeted at the growing middle class of India and has a huge market potential.

The service has a major impact on the social and economic life on local vegetable

vendors. These are lower class of society with no constant income source and lack

of future assurance. This service will provide them a new life to approach the future

and plan their family future for a better tomorrow. The service will also generate

new jobs for the lower class of community as it does not require any education background

and hence help reduce the unemployment rate.

19. Gene pool, Indore (Madhya Pradesh) See Detail


Rate : {extravote 19}

The benefits of using Therapeutic cloning Recombinant Stem Cell Technology it can

save lives and have a great impact on our feature. Just Imagine.... • New Kidney

for patient in need anytime • Restoring damaged heart muscle after a heart attack

• Generating new cartilaginous structure for accident victim • Creating skin for

severely burned victims • Finding a new way to treat Diabetics, Alzheimer’s, cancer,

Parkinson, Leukaemia • Breakthrough we can do to eliminate the organ donor list

and increase availability of new tissues. Develop new tissues • Cartilage • Skin

New organs • Kidney • Heart • Liver It is all about Therapeutic and organ cloning

by use of Stem cell, from human embryos. Stem cell is used to produce the vast array

of cells that our bodies are made up of. Manipulation of these cell, or “letting

them specialize”, could be used to produce tissues and viable organs. Creation of

niche in market by carving mankind will generate a huge monitory value addition

to the proposition.

20. anurajke (Mobiotics), Bangalore See Detail


Rate : {extravote 20}

Mobiotics mTarget is a targeted mobile advertisement platform for local businesses

and brands to deliver highly relevant localized promotions to consumers. It consists

of a smart phone app freely downloadable by consumers and a SAAS service to manage

advertisement campaigns for local businesses. Consumers suffer from information

asymmetry as to product availability and pricing. mTarget delivers contextually

relevant, hyper local, social, interactive deals and promotions as per consumer

preference. Small businesses operate under tight marketing budgets. They have low

content creation ability. Local businesses are dependent on Word Of Mouth credibility

and need a value driven marketing solution with clarity on ROI. mTarget helps by

providing: 1) Cost Effective Pricing. 2) Measurability 3) Accurate Targeting 4)

Feedback 5) Easy content composition and 6) Rich Interactive Content Presentation.

Existing solutions belong to the following models - 1) SMS based advertisements

2) Mobile Web/App based advertisements 3) Social Check in solutions. mTarget solution

delivers contextually relevant deals and promotions to consumers based on user preferences.

Advertisers benefit by having higher targetability, measurability and cost effectiveness.

21. NGOCentral, Mumbai See Detail


Rate : {extravote 21}

The idea is to create a streamlined and transparent interaction between philanthropist

and NGO working in different categories of service, locations and scale of operations

on a common web portal. the portal will help different NGOs to showcase their activities

to the philanthropist. - the portal will help the philanthropists to track their

funds and help them understand how funds are materialized as benefits to society.

- Through the portal the philanthropist can transfer his/her funds to the NGO account

directly, which will help in proper and quick channelizing of funds. -Philanthropists

can also contribute in time and other resources by getting connected with suitable

NGOs and volunteering social and community activities. Through, this idea we plan

to bridge the gap between the upper class and lower class through efficient transfer

of resources in form of time, money etc from the richer class to the lower class.

The resources will be mitigated efficiently through NGOs. This portal will also

be of immense help in the wake of natural calamities. Further, the portal aims to

fill the huge void in the society where philanthropists willing to serve the society

find themselves with no proper mechanism to achieve the same.

22. DataSpeaks See Detail


Rate : {extravote 22}

DataSpeaks: Pharmaceutical R&D Productivity Specialists

The drug development process is broken. R&D expenditures are soaring while new drug

approvals dropping. DataSpeaks stands ready to burst this dam.

DataSpeaks is the first software company with the capability to actually measure

the benefit and harm of prescription drugs and other exposures for individuals.

Randomized Controlled Trial (RCT) designs that use group averages to assess causality

cannot provide much critical information required for targeting the right drug to

the right patient at the right dose. We will help pinpoint indications and contraindications

to reduce safety problems, improve effectiveness, and personalize medicine.

DataSpeaks can help drug developers lower cost of clinical trials 10% to 50% while

improving patient targeting without serious side effects to help effective drugs

get to market faster by 1-3 years.

Unlike statistical software, DataSpeaks’ software is equipped to account for temporal

phenomena such as long-term trends due to disease progression or spontaneous recovery,

any delay and persistence in treatment response, as well as episodes of treatment

and health events.

DataSpeaks’ software is addressing the large and growing market of chronic health

disorders that accounts for upwards of 75 to 80% of annual healthcare expenses of

$2.4 trillion in the U.S. alone.

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