Naresh Bansal and Sunil Mahajan on Kleeto; Safeguard important documents online

Team YS
5th Apr 2011
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Securing paper documents from physical harm or loss and digital documents against computer crashes is a challenge for any common man. Keeping those documents safe and accessible, at a moment’s notice, thus sounds quite impossible, yet that is what Kleeto claims to do while saving trees. Not only do they enable storage via digitization of physical documents, but, they also give online access to the information anytime and anywhere. Founded by Naresh Bansal and Sunil Mahajan, Kleeto is a Green Venture headed by Sanjay Dhawan who is the director.

YourStory caught up with Sunil Mahajan and got him talking on their concepts of online document storage and how it can be implemented for the benefit of all.

How would you explain what kleeto can do for consumers?

Kleeto simplifies consumer’s life by securing personal paper and digital documents and provides quick online access to all the personal information user may need from time to time, thereby saving money and time.

How is kleeto different from other document management solutions?

Kleeto is unique – there is no parallel to Kleeto. There is no service available to users today that provides storage for physical documents(of any kind), digitization of physical documents and online access to all this information anytime and anywhere. It allows users to centralize all their physical and digital documents, thus provides one click access to any information they need.

What led you to conceive the business idea for Kleeto ?

Kleeto is about solving the problem faced by common man – there is so much of information we manage in our lives on paper and digital form that we struggle to retrieve information when we need it. We either lose money or opportunity when we can’t find paper/information as either we misplace it or lose it. Idea of kleeto started with some personal experiences related to common man’s everyday life.

What was your professional background before entrepreneurship?


I have handled and created multiple business streams for companies that were into Mobile VAS, VoIP, 3G/4G, filed multiple patents at USPTO and got a few patents in my name. I have handled multiple successful and innovative product ideas and business streams and have led companies to profitability. I graduated from the Indian Institute of Science; My last stint was with Comviva as Vice President and Head of New Products Initiatives. Before that, I was with Aricent for roughly 14 years where I was into various roles of product management and architecture.What partnerships/tie-ups does Kleeto have? Are you getting the response that you expected?

We have tied up with Comviva as our corporate partner and Shobhit University as a corporate client. We also tied up with Bharti Foundation. I can’t discuss details of these partnerships.

We have been interacting with people/potential customers for the last 3 months and seen very positive response from them – we are also discussing partnerships with smaller and mid size companies and a few consumer service providers. Response so far has been beyond our expectations.

We are also discussing Kleeto as HR welfare service from corporate side to their employees to help employees de-stress their lives (and enjoy weekends) by allowing Kleeto to manage their documents – there has been very positive response to that too.

Where do you see document management and Kleeto five years from now?

We see Kleeto reaching a few million users mark in consumer, corporate and SMB space. We would like to simplify user’s life by connecting with multiple partners and getting user information(papers and digital) to flow directly into user account. We would also like to offer services/applications to users around paper/digital information stored at Kleeto for which user allows Kleeto to access. We would like to reduce paper consumption and move towards digitization of every possible paper that users receive. Same principals will be applied to corporate and SMB space.

We would like to build Kleeto among top most 3 brands associated with simplification of users’s life.

We aspire to make environment greener by reducing paper consumption – information should get into users account in digital format – shared with people in digital format and preserved in digital format.

How does Kleeto's document management solutions make its revenue?

Kleeto is offered to users on annual subscription basis and is entitled to store X physical documents and Y digital documents and N times in a year documents can be picked and delivered free of charge to user’s home/office address – based on the package user chooses to buy. We are also looking at other revenue models, but subscription is primary revenue source we have. Similarly, we have annual contracts with SMBs and corporates to store and access their documents with Kleeto.

Tell us about your team? Are you looking at hiring?

Kleeto team is about 50 people strong – many of our team members are from our partners who are helping us with various parts of the business. Team is primarily divided into Sales and Marketing, Operations, Technology and Support. Yes we do plan to hire more people in next 2 months time.

How is Kleeto expanding its services and reach?.

We launched Kleeto for users last year, in next few months we would like to add few more services viz Kleeto-SMB and Kleeto-HR. We would also expand reach of Kleeto beyond current availability of NCR and Bangalore.

What trends have you noticed and deemed important for the future?

We got customers from very early days of our launch and that number is going up steadily. Contrary to our belief that only 30+ will subscribe to Kleeto, we have seen that younger generation 22+, is also interested in Kleeto. We are very sure that Kleeto will touch a few million customers in the next few years.

Kleeto has 2 underline themes – simplify consumer’s life and reduce paper consumption to move towards greener environment.

YourStory wishes the team of Kleeto success with their entrepreneurial journey. To understand how to safeguard your documents online, go to http://www.kleeto.in/. Also, share your thoughts on this story at feedback@yourstory.in

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