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Joshua, Creatives that Work, on building a Personal Branding Studio for Indians

Sunday June 12, 2011 , 4 min Read

Joshua, Tell us about Creatives that Work.

Well, we are a boutique Brand Consulting firm that uses the Logic of the Left Brain(Strategy) & Magic of the Right Brain(Creativity) to help clients develop and execute branding strategies that deliver business value.

What are the major services that you offer?

Our two most popular initiatives are:

Branding 4 Startups (An End to End Brand Consulting for Startups)

Your Brand Studio (A Personal Branding Initiative) we would not be wrong in claiming ourselves to be India’s premier and First of its kind - Personal Branding Studio.

How are you different from other such consulting firms?

Unlike a lot of Design/Branding agencies that are just Creativity Driven or Technology Driven, we Blend Business Strategy and Creativity to make a Significant Business Impact, we believe that “Creativity Should Work”, hence we call ourselves “Creatives That Work” :)

Why did you start this?


Well, I come from a business background, this is my second startup, my partner Enosh comes from a Creative background and both of us with our prior experiences felt the need in the market for Holistic Branding Solutions and as usual our existing jobs didn’t offer them, so we decided to take the plunge.How much capital was required to startup?

We bootstrapped Creatives That Work, and started out with a capital of about 3 Lacs.

Tell us about your background.

This is my second Startup, my previous Startup(Transevolve) that I still manage is a boutique Training & Consulting firm and Human Behavior has been a huge fascination for me, so I bring that tinge of Human Behavior in all our branding activities. Prior to starting Transevolve, I worked with In-Site and Ma Foi both Training & Consulting firms. I pursued my business studies from the Madras Christian College. So, both my experience and education prepared me well for my current role.

My Partner Enosh Wilson - Founder of “Creatives That Work” was earlier part of the Creative Branding Team of HCL’s Talent Transformations division, and used to drive branding & Designing for the key Organization wide initiatives and was the man behind many successful campaigns in HCL Technologies. Prior to that he was with Media Catalyst, Strategic PR & Advertising firm, he’s a Multimedia specialist with over 8 years of experience. He has served a wide spectrum of clients from different industries like IT& ITES, Life Sciences & Pharma, Advertising etc.; either as part of an organization or as an independent professional.


Let us know of any tie-ups that you have. Yes, we are a Microsoft BizSpark Startup.

Where do you see your start up five years from now?

We wish to be the most preferred Brand Consulting firm for Startups(Branding 4 Startups) in India and to be the most reliable Personal Branding Consultants(Your Brand Studio) in the market.

What is your revenue model?

We take up Branding Assignments/Projects both from Startups as well as Corporate Leaders for Personal Branding; we also do a lot of Print Communication/ Collaterals so we have varied sources of revenue.

How big is your team? Are you looking at hiring?

We’re a boutique team of 6 and we bring our own set of skills, expertise and experiences. These are developers, strategists, designers and a client service manager. Multi tasking is at its peak. Yes we are looking out for Web Developers, Graphic Designers & Key Account Executives to join our team.

Let us know about your expansion plans.

Even though we virtually service clients from across the globe but because of the need felt we wish to expand and set up offices in Chennai(Delivery Office), US and UK(Sales Office) in the next one year.


Anything else that you want to tell us? We currently have serviced or continue to service about over 40 clients ranging from Educational Services to Consulting Organizations. Our is a reference based business model and most of our business/leads come from clients who we have serviced in the past, who in turn promote us.

Do check out for more details!