Ravi K Chava, Metier Software Solutions, offers services in business process automation through web application development


Ravi, please tell us what Metier is all about.

Metier basically offers services in business process automation through web application development and deployment. We also seek to support various industries to harness the power of internet and multiply their business through wider reach-out and hence enhanced their productivity.

How is Metier different from other software solutions firms? What are your flagship solutions?

We are different from our competitors as we develop applications based on architecture which can accommodate future seen / unforeseen requirements also, our products are extensible to cater to current / future requirements of our clientele. Our flagship product is the Metier HR which is a state of the art web based HR process automation solution which includes various modules to cater to all processes from executive offer letter to separation of these letter’s online, appraisals, counseling and competency assessment. Other products include invoice tracking system, vendor indent and delivery tracking and HR Metrics and legal action tracking service.

How did the idea for Metier come about? How much capital was required to implement the idea?

I noticed that there was an increasing development of enterprises operating from multiple locations. These enterprises needed to harness the power of internet to tightly integrate their operations and hence I decided to come up with this business concept of Metier.

Tell us about your background.

I worked for an Indian fortune 200 company for about 5 years and then entered the field of IT when I started working for 4C Consultants. I then worked as a director at Fountainhead Architects Pvt Ltd. After which I managed the process and logistics of manufacture of high quality polypropylene plastic strapping for use as consumable on automatic strapping machines at a reputable company. Thus, after many jobs in process management I started Metier.

Where do you see Metier five years from now and what is your revenue model?

In five years time we intend to be a global player in business process automation we also intend to take our company public. So far have relied on self funding and the subsequent development of clients to generate revenue and we haven’t received any external funding so far.

How big is the team behind Metier? Are you looking at hiring?The current composition of the team is 10 members, and we are always on the lookout for fresher’s whom we nurture through regular training programs and exposure to real time development.

What are the challenges that you faced while developing your solutions? How did you overcome those challenges?

As a small time entrepreneur the initial struggles were and still are to be financially stable. In addition, being the CEO of a software development company with no coding exposure or learning, I had to make the development team understand the business processes in a way to ensure a fast turnaround while keeping the development costs low.

How has the journey been so far? Let us know about your expansion plans.

At Metier we have developed our flagship product the Metier HR Portal which consists of Blogs, wiki-news, polls, an image gallery and more. We also have an online job seeker database for ease in the recruitment process for the companies. We also have many training programs and competency assessment programs which are very popular with our client base. We also plan to add additional functional modules to make our solutions more comprehensive and customizable to suit various industrial / location requirements. We are also conducting brand promotional events to evolve into a global company.

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